(Mark's Bridge to Yealmpton)

NAME OF RIVER: River Yealm.

WHERE IS IT?: South Dartmoor in Devon; it's between the Erme and Plym valleys. Map.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Launch from a bridge on a track near Mark’s Bridge (SX 602 572). Parking is limited here.

Leave a car for the shuttle on Church Lane in Yealmpton (SX 578 516).

APPROX LENGTH: 8 kilometres.

TIME NEEDED: 3 hours?


WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: This should be paddleable after moderate rain.

Gauge: Check from Yealm Bridge (in Yealmbridge, SX 590 519). It should be clear whether the river is floatable. If the weir beneath is looking sticky and dangerous, you perversely have a good speed you through the flat sections.

GRADING: Grade 1/2 with weirs.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Low trees. Weirs.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The lower Yealm is an attractive river, albeit with infrequent whitewater interest.

The Yealm is joined by the Piall River directly after the put-in, notably increasing its size. The Piall turns the Yealm milky, as it drains a large area of china clay workings. A large sloping weir follows, and then a flat stretch through woodland with a few downed trees to dodge. In 2012 a downed tree just upstream of the bridge in Lee Mill was an awkward portage; perhaps check beforehand to see if this will be a problem.

The Yealm passes under the A38 and over a tiny weir. Enjoy the next couple of kilometres, as they are the best of this run; grade 1 and 2 rapids wind through quiet woods.

After the woods are left behind, you’ll see a large building on river left, Worston Mill. 400 metres below is a nasty stepped weir beneath a low footbridge. Portage on river left.

Yealm Bridge has another unenticing weir lurking beneath, but if you don’t want to portage on river right, consider the great sneak route through the side tunnel!

The final kilometre is mostly flat. After passing under the bridge in Yealmpton, egress on river right where the river bends sharp left. Walk though the public park up the hill to the church. If you continue the kilometre or so to the Yealm estuary, you’ll have to negotiate at least one more weir.  

OTHER NOTES: The upper section is much more exciting.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Mark Rainsley.

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Re: River Yealm (Mark's Bridge to Yealmpton) -- WestcountryJon
2016 Jan 03 03:21:54 PM
Sorry, my comment above refers to the section "River Yealm (upper section to Mark's Bridge)" - I have now posted it there but am unable to delete my posts here. Would admin please delete for me. Thanks.
Re: River Yealm (Mark's Bridge to Yealmpton) -- WestcountryJon
2016 Jan 03 12:24:45 PM
A group of us ran this section on 2nd Jan 2016 and the landowner at Blatchford Manor was very hostile indeed. He threw a couple of rotten logs at us from the bank and tried to wade into the exit weir of the lake to hold us up. He wasn't provoked and we tried follow the advice to "offer polite apologies to anyone you encounter", but he was having none of it as it was our presence he was objecting to, not our behaviour, so we paddled on a quickly as we could.

Unfortunately at the next road bridge after leaving his estate there was a tree down and we needed to stop & get on the bank to inspect & he drove down and caught us there. Apparently that bank is still his land! We assured him we were moving on very quickly (as we were) but he was very angry repeatedly telling us to get of his land.

Apart from that, there were a lot of overhanging branches, trees in the river and a line of barbed wire across the river at one point. I assume the guide was written after a run at a higher level than when we ran it as I think I would need that to be a 'fun grade 3'. I also guess it was clearer then as there are lots of trees now that would be even more of a problem at higher levels. So, for the enjoyment this section offers, personally I don't think it's worth the hassle (of the trees, let alone the land owner) but if you do choose to run it, make your group small and get across his lake as quickly as possible and expect confrontation if you are seen.

I made a video of the paddle, which is way too long so mostly boring but it does show a lot of the river. I have not included any footage of the run-in with the land owner but have a copy for myself, just in case.
Re: River Yealm (Mark's Bridge to Yealmpton) -- Mark R
2013 Jan 01 07:22:48 PM
None I'm aware of.
Re: River Yealm (Mark's Bridge to Yealmpton) -- jesowden
2012 Dec 28 04:02:03 PM
Are there any access issues to be aware of?


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