(Huckworthy to Bedford Bridge)


WHERE IS IT?: It flows from high on Dartmoor with better sections above and below.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: This section begins at Huckworthy Bridge (SX 532705).

It finishes at Bedford Bridge, SX 504704....but it's better to carry on.

Take a look at the map.


TIME NEEDED: About one hour.

ACCESS HASSLES: I have encountered no objections here. Locals at Horrabridge were happy for us to launch from the centre of the the village on one occasion, and the locals in Huckworthy are nice - be nice back.

Ollie,'All the locals we encountered seemed very friendly and happy enough to see us. Discretion is probably well advised to maintain good relations - we decided to change elsewhere rather than to share the delights of carpark culture with the locals.'

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: I paddled after a night of rain and had just enough water to float comfortably from the launch point; medium-low conditions.

High water would sadly be dangerous due to the barbed wire hazard described below.

GRADING: Mostly grade 1-2 with interesting weirs and a grade 3 gorge.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: The river was free of tree blocks in November 2002. There are several weirs.

Ollie,'We paddled this section on 30/10/04 as an extension of the lower Walkham and found no evidence of the barbed wire hazard mentioned in the printed guidebook.'

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Launch at Huckworthy bridge. The river consists of small rapids and some lively sections around weirs. Great territory for open canoes.

The first weir is a simple slide.

The second weir is partly broken making a grade 3 rapid.

The third weir weir is surprising, a slide into a long grade 3 rapid. This rapid is in a strange green mini-gorge and has a shock waiting at the end...a sudden closed in slot drop! Thankfully it is harmless enough.

The fourth weir is as you enter Horrabridge. It is a small drop with a grabby stopper.

You now enter the Weir Park in the centre of Horrabridge. The weir here is shallow and sticky (ask Andy McMahon); but it is safe enough to paddle in low levels.

Easy water leads out of the village down to Bedford Bridge. it is possible to stop here, but it is strongly recommended that you keep going.

OTHER NOTES: This makes a reasonably enjoyable warmup for the lower Walkham.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Mark Rainsley, also Ollie.



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Re: River Walkham - Huckworthy to Bedford Bridge -- jam bo
2014 Dec 27 02:51:00 PM
Paddled today and clear all the way through. 0.38 on horrabridge gauge. Bit scrappy in places but ok on main features. A bit more water and could be a fun little blast.
Re: River Walkham - Huckworthy to Bedford Bridge -- Zool
2014 Oct 23 08:56:07 PM
The EA are working at Horrabridge weir and its totally blocked with plastic tunnels in the water making a temp platform for a digger. A new salmon leap is under construction and there are large bags of stone in the water above the weir. Portage left into the park and stay well clear.
Re: River Walkham - Huckworthy to Bedford Bridge -- pacman
2013 Dec 26 03:27:28 PM
River wide tree down about 200m from Huckworthy bridge easy to see at todays levels (60cm) but will be a problem in high waters. branches stick up on river left to about 2m might be able to squeeze around the river right over the trunk. Would post a photo but lost camera today.
Re: River Walkham - Huckworthy to Bedford Bridge -- donbarr
2013 Nov 02 10:09:53 AM
1.11.2013 completely tree free. Only 0.42 on EA gauge at Horrabridge so a bit scrapey at the put in but otherwise fine to paddle and an interesting extension to the main Walkham run. Also no sign of barbed wire mentioned in some guides.
Re: River Walkham - Huckworthy to Bedford Bridge -- pacman
2013 Mar 17 02:09:17 PM
Paddled this today (17.03.13) was a bit low at 50cm on gauge. 1 tree still across river about 100 yrds below first weir couldn't go under at this level so any higher could be a problem. No other hazards up to Bedford bridge.
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