(Cuckoo Pound to Wareham)

NAME OF RIVER: Piddle. Yes, you heard right.

WHERE IS IT?: This is a small rural Dorset river flowing from near Tolpuddle (as in, the Tolpuddle Martyrs) to the Poole Harbour past Wareham. Map.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: The bridge near Cuckoo Pound (GR 865906) is the start point to this section.

Take out anywhere near the earthen town walls of Wareham; find somewhere to park on the other side of the walls. Best spot is probably just past the Hospital, a parking area at a gap in the walls overlooking the river. This necessitates a carry across an open field.


TIME NEEDED: 2 hours.

ACCESS HASSLES: The Piddle sees few paddlers and no disputes are known of. However, it passes through plenty of expensive private property and past fish farms so only small discreet groups are recommended. Avoid shallows as you may be disturbing spawning beds.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: It is possibly paddleable year-round. However, it is clogged with weed and rather low in summer. Normal winter levels are fine. Avoid high water, as it'd be a horror story, having many low bridges.

If there is enough air space under the put-in bridge to float an empty boat under, fine. If there isn't, it may be too high for comfort.

GRADING: Grade 1 with some enjoyable weirs.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Numerous Weirs. Low bridges.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Most of the numerous small weirs on this trip are runnable - but take a look for yourself.

Directly below the start you pass right infront of a large Country Club on river left. You have to quickly portage a low footbridge, then you can run the small weir infront of the house. Shortly after is a second weir and soon the river splits into two channels. I took the left channel over a small weir and this seemed correct; the other channel is smaller and passes through fish farms in the next few kilometres.

The left channel leads under a number of low (duckable) bridges and eventually enters a lovely section; a long straight with numerous miniature weirs. Some of these have small playwaves and stoppers; a good place for whitewater novices to play?

After the channels converge again, the river flattens and the plain opens out. The remaining kilometres are a bit of a chore, winding around endlessly.

After you pass under the railway bridge, the river slides over a large (diffiicult to portage?) sloping weir with a wave waiting at the bottom. This may have potential as a park-and-playspot in high water...??

You then pass under the Wareham bypass and the town walls are on river right. Where did you leave the car?

I have not paddled below this point. There is a weir/ sluice beside a mill just downstream which looks harmless to run. Below is a winding tidal channel leading to Poole Harbour.

OTHER NOTES: This is surprisingly pleasant and would suit open canoes, touring paddlers and perhaps even whitewater novices.

There is also a more strenuous section upstream of this. Also nearby and flowing into Wareham is the larger River Frome.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Mark Rainsley.



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Re: Wool to Lake pier (Poole Harbour) Via Wareham -- cosmikdebriis
2012 Sep 29 10:02:56 AM
Yes, I'm with you on this one. Groups of people walking across your garden carrying Kayaks does seem a bit unfair on the house owner.

I should imagine the best place to start would be near Stokeford, where the road goes through the little manned railway crossing. You can just about park there but the river crosses that road in several places. It's the crossing nearest the bridge that looks most likely. That route avoids both weirs.

Only saw one fisherman who was polite (but there again he was outnumbered),

Bank was littered with little corrugated iron "huts" that looked like they were used for shooting ??? I guess that could be a little more awkward !!!
Re: Wool to Lake pier (Poole Harbour) Via Wareham -- Vulch
2012 Sep 29 06:45:11 AM
Right of navigation runs as far up as the Wareham bypass - this is the tidal limit. But with the legal nicities out of the way, it doesn't get paddled much as far as I know! I have paddled up above the bypass (some time ago) I think about a mile. Legend has it that the fisherfolk about those parts are a bit assertive, but don't let that stop you. I have no problem scaring fish that would otherwise get hooked and released in the name of sport, although walking through someone's garden is a bit tricky in my book, and might get you in trouble. If is someone's LAND - ie if they aren't sunbathing in it, or playing with their children, and is a country mile from their house, then that's different. If someone owns vast tracts of land, then 'reasonable trespass' on that land is something that goes with the territory. This is, however, only my opinion.

Wool to Lake pier (Poole Harbour) Via Wareham -- cosmikdebriis
2012 Sep 18 11:39:43 PM
Hi... I'm Dave and new here...

Just wondered if anyone had any experience on the journey from Wool to Rockley/Lake (pier) in Poole Harbour.

A friend and I tried it earlier this week but got stuck at the weir (next to Bindon abbey).

We have already done the route from Holme Bridge, via Wareham Quay, in to the harbour and out at Rockley/Lake pier which was a superb run.

There are two weirs en route from Wool though and although the second on looks navigable by taking the right hand channel for a while then carrying your kayak across the bank to the main channel. The first weir (at Bindon abbey) seems to be on private land and right next to a house !!!

Quick word of warning to anyone thinking of giving this a go. Just before the Bindon weir is a very low and narrow stone arched bridge. The bridge is so low you may need to duck to get under it. It is also so narrow you will not be able to paddle. Problem arises when, having passed under the bridge and so close to the weir, the speed of the water picks up alarmingly before and getting back up past the bridge can be a problem as you can't paddle through it. My mate walked his hands on the inside of the arch and I took a run up and only just made it through. I'd guess best place for portage would be before the bridge. how you avoid being seen by the people in the house is a bit of a mystery though

Anyway, we would be interested to hear of anyone else's experiences.
Re: RIVER PIDDLE (Cuckoo Pound to Wareham) -- Will.S.
2011 Feb 06 09:38:02 PM
Nice report! I have now been inspired to do the local home run!

Any issues with access/parking give me a call and IF I'M IN you can park where I live 07929349329, 01929472726. The river runs past the house I rent right near cuckoo pound.

Small numbers though as I live in the annex of my landlords house.

William Swallow
Re: RIVER PIDDLE (Cuckoo Pound to Wareham) -- Mark R
2011 Jan 31 05:52:01 PM
Trip report -
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