NAME OF RIVER: Fowey River.

WHERE IS IT?: Cornwall. Map.

PUT-INS/ TAKEOUTS: Bodinnick Ferry, west side, SX127523. Large car park (paying) keep clear of ferry operation. Also at Lerryn SX139570, free parking, but only at high tide.

APPROX LENGTH: 5 miles to Lostwithiel, 4 to Lerryn, 3 to Penpoll and the same to return.

TIME NEEDED: Allow 4 mph if going with the tide and 2 mph against it.

ACCESS HASSLES: Public tidal water.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Start 1 or 2 hours before high water at Fowey depending on distance chosen.

GRADING: I calm conditions.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Below the ferry, exposed to SW wind and should be treated as sea canoeing; main reach of channel has a long southerly fetch and will be rough in S wind. Penpoll is the most sheltered creek.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Dramatically beautiful wooded creeks, winding between steep hills. Smaller side creeks to Lerryn and Penpoll are quite narrow.

Pictures of the Fowey

OTHER NOTES: Watch out for movements of large commercial vessels carrying china clay and loading at Fowey docks mile above ferry.

There are whitewater sections upstream above the tidal limit.