(Tidal creek)

NAME OF RIVER: Fal; and associated tidal creeks.

WHERE IS IT?: Cornwall. Map.

PUT-INS/ TAKEOUTS: Most public put-in points are at high tide ends of the creeks which make for a long day out e.g. Malpas SW845427 (parking difficult), Ruan Lanihorne SW888419 (roadside parking flooded at highest tides, very muddy at low tide). There is a good PRIVATE put-in at Tolverne Cottage SW845403, but the permission of the owner should be carefully and tactfully sought he does not allow yacht launching from his private hard. Play the game and if he does let you use the hard, reciprocate by patronising his caf/tearoom, which is in any case recommended for excellent snack meals. There is room to put in at King Harry Ferry SW842396 just below Tolverne but keep out of the way of the ferry and no parking for miles!

APPROX LENGTH: From King Harry Ferry 2 miles to Malpas and a further 2 to Tresilian; 3 miles to Ruan Lanihorne on a different branch of the river.

TIME NEEDED: Allow 4 mph if going with the tide and 2 mph against it.

ACCESS HASSLES: Public tidal water.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Tides as at Falmouth.

GRADING: I calm conditions.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Wind can get up very quickly and wind-against-tide conditions are rough. Consult local weather forecasts. Tides are stronger than they look and there is a risk of being stranded on ebbing tide if not in main channel. The wider part of the estuary below King Harry Ferry is full-on sea canoeing for experts.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Dramatically beautiful wooded creeks, winding between steep hills.

Pictures of the Fal

OTHER NOTES: Expect to see large cargo ships laid up in the estuary, especially at Tolverne. The estuary is some 60 feet deep but only 100 yards wide.