(Newbridge playwave)

NAME OF RIVER: Dart - Newbridge Playwave.

WHERE IS IT?: Newbridge, at the top of the Dart loop.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Launch and take out at Newbridge or alternatively continue on down the loop.

APPROX LENGTH: It's a playspot.

TIME NEEDED: Whatever...


WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Look at the webcam, if it's below the fourth white dot from the top it's probably too low.

GRADING: It's a wave...

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Trees in the eddy can be awkward in high water.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: This playspot changes dramatically with water levels and gets better the more water there is. If the webcam shows 4 white dots and there is no rain then it's at the bottom level and will probably die out quite quickly. That said at this level it forms two broken waves split down the middle by a green tongue which can be clean span and blunted, however as it dies it becomes a lot less retentive and frustrating!

As the level goes up (3 dots showing or less) it forms a beautiful hole on surfers right and a greener wave on surfers left. The hole provides ample space for any move from spins to loops and can be retentive enough
to roll-in-the-hole. The wave is perfect for blunts and in higher levels you can get air.

Eddy access is reasonable, however at lower levels its good to be quick at higher levels there is a rock ledge that submerges allowing people to pull themselves up. I have managed to climb over the ledge in my boat
but its a lot of effort!!!

In spate (no dots showing) the wave is awesome but the eddy is have to fight through the trees somewhat.

Pictures of the Newbridge playwave

OTHER NOTES: A good place for playboaters to head when the rivers are high.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Adam Davies, also Mark Rainsley.