(Tuckingmill to Penrose)


WHERE IS IT?: Cornwall, Bodmin Moor. The Camel drains the western edge of Bodmin Moor, flowing from near Camelford down to meet the sea at Wadebridge.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: The Camel above this section is much better but harder. This section is best done as an addition to that section; you would only want to do just this section if you are looking for easier whitewater.

Tuckingmill bridge (GR 091778) is the start if you are just doing this section.

Take out at Penrose Bridge (GR 089764); there is some form of 'fishing resort' here. Continuing down the following short section is not recommended.

APPROX LENGTH: 1.5 miles.

TIME NEEDED: One hour at most.

ACCESS HASSLES: The trip passes a sort of 'fishing resort', see below.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Rain is needed to bring this section up. The Camel seems to hold an acceptable flow of water for a few days after high water, perhaps because it drains boggy moorland.

You need a minimum of enough water to float under the bridge at the start. High water would be fun, but care would have to be taken regarding low tree branches.

GRADING: Grade 2.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: There is a barbed wire fence across the river at the put-in. Trees overhang the river.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: A reasonable wind-down after the above section. There are lots of grade 2 rapids to enjoy. The river opens out and you pass through some gardens and at the end, right in front of the chalets of a fishing resort. Obviously, a small quiet group is advisable.

The following section is not very pleasant. It is recommended that you finish here.

OTHER NOTES: The Camel is probably not worth a trip to Cornwall alone, but it's a great trip to have up your sleeve if the surf doesn't appear and the heavens open.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Mark Rainsley.



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Re: RIVER CAMEL (Tuckingmill to Penrose) -- MrNathanParis
2019 Oct 19 08:09:34 PM
I paddled this today with a couple of friends. I live in cornwall and this was my first white water paddling. It was enjoyable with constant moving grade 2 water. There were some low hanging branches but nothing too serious. There is one fallen tree which requires a portage but this is easy to do. No issues anymore with barbed wire at the put in. We went on to do the next section without seeing any fishermen.
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