(Penrose to Wenfordbridge)


WHERE IS IT?: Cornwall, Bodmin Moor. The Camel drains the western edge of Bodmin Moor, flowing from near Camelford down to meet the sea at Wadebridge.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: The Camel above this section is much better. Penrose Bridge (GR 089764) is the put-in for this section; note that it is right beside some kind of fishing resort.

This section ends at Wenfordbridge, GR 085752.

APPROX LENGTH: 1.5 miles.

TIME NEEDED: One hour at most.


WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Rain is needed to make this paddleable. The Camel seems to hold an acceptable flow of water for a few days after high water, perhaps because it drains boggy moorland.

GRADING: Mostly flat water. Some grade 1 rapids.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Lots, see below.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: This short section of the Camel is not very pleasant. It is simply described for information.

Between Penrose and Wenfordbridge, there are few rapids. More memorable are several tree blocks completely damming the river, a dangerously low bridge and several barbed wire strands across the river. Not recommended unless you fancy a dangerous obstacle course.

OTHER NOTES: Has anybody paddled the rest of the Camel down to the sea?

CONTRIBUTED BY: Mark Rainsley.



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Re: RIVER CAMEL (Penrose to Wenfordbridge) -- MrNathanParis
2019 Oct 19 08:16:32 PM
I paddled this today as a continuation of the previous section, as my first white water experience. There were no issues with fishermen, we didn't see any at all today. There were a lot of low hanging branches but none of them crosses the whole river. There is a low bridge but even as a first time white water paddler I had no issue getting into the eadie before it, and enjoyed the seal launch of it ( with a big eddie just after the seal launch). There was a bit of barbed wire about 6 inches above the water at one point but this was off to the side in a very slow moving bit of water so this was no issue. The river was quite shallow at times.
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