(Saltford Weir)

NAME OF RIVER: Avon (Wiltshire/ Somerset).

WHERE IS IT?: Next to the Jolly Sailor pub in Saltford, just off the A4 between Bath and Bristol. Coming from Bath turn off the A4 to the right down a narrow lane signed "Riverside Inn" go under the railway bridge, keep going through to a T junction, turn right, and the road gets narrow, follow it along and you'll soon see the river on your right, keep on the narrow lane past the ship yard, and then immediately right and park in the jolly sailor car park, and do them a favour by buying a pint.


PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: From the Jolly Sailor carpark, simply walk to the lock and seal launch off, or walk down to a rather skanky looking rocky beach bit. you cant miss it, even if you tried, the car park is by the river!!!

APPROX LENGTH: Park n play......

TIME NEEDED: As long as you want, then go to the pub.

ACCESS HASSLES: Never encountered any problems, and the fishermen are (relatively) friendly.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Looking straight out at the weir you will see a channel between two concrete walls, sloping weir to the left (river right), and a stepped but just about vertical weir to the right (river left), the concrete ledge on river left below the steep weir should be at least covered for carving, blasts and flat spins. More water is better.

GRADING: It's a weir.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: I'm told that the sloping weir to the river right can produce a holding stopper at flood levels, but if there's that much water, why have you bothered with Saltford???!!.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Wooden planks have been added at the top of the chute to funnel the water, and even in relatively low levels produce an easygoing retentive stopper, with shoulders and minimalist eddies.

The jet down stream of this is pretty boily, but we've had swimmers, and it's plenty deep enough, and there are no known obstructions at the moment.

The lock by the pub is a good warm up seal launch. In high water apparently the stopper can become pretty big and more playable. It's not the best spot, but if you're in the area and fancy a bit of a mess about before a good pub lunch then it's OK.

Pictures of Saltford Weir

OTHER NOTES: This is the mighty Avon, so it has already been through Bath, and is of somewhat dubious quality. Definitely worth not drinking the water, and washing your hands, all the usual stuff.

Update from Tom, Spring 2005...'The planks that guide the water have both now washed away, meaning that you get a super narrow wave, that isnt really worth bothering
with. The jet downstream is more powerful though, so if you are really desperate you can do cartwheels and stuff. When the water drops off a bit, we are hoping to put some more substantial planks in, to make the summer feature worth while. I'll keep you updated on that one.'

CONTRIBUTED BY: Tom Laws, BiGGER BOYS Kayaking and Surf



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Re: RIVER AVON (Saltford Weir) -- northcave
2013 Aug 30 03:14:21 PM
Usually the EA Rivers Level gauge below the weir can make a playable hole as low as 0.5. Planks can be adjusted but are usually in the best place when you find them. Can't imagine it gets deep enough for loops but would be keen to see someone try. Find for spins and other stuff.Pub does good grub afterwards.
No subject -- meatballs
2008 Nov 29 08:31:36 PM
29 Nov -> The planks were found both out of place, we had the planks at their highest position which at the current water level allowed for blasts and spins in the hole.

They have been replaced at their lowest position incase something came along and chomped them off but this doesn't create much of a feature.
No subject -- Coracle
2008 Sep 19 09:19:19 PM
Glad the planks are holding out:

Wed 17th Sept -- Dr Kayak
2008 Sep 19 02:30:53 PM
The planks are in the slot, and a narrow fast hole enabling spins, cartwheels and loops has been formed. The waves were also formed on the sides of the weir.

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