The rapid is very low water.

Above two pics show the rapid in medium-high flows.

Picture from Jonathon Cowell...'Pandoras Box on Dartmeet, level was ledge well covered at Newbridge, med/high. Shows river left slot running sweet with rock river centre just covered and rather nasty if the slot line is missed (oops). Paddler James Mitchelmore contemplates the run.

At 5.5, from Ben Williams. The fellow on the right in the last pic is the website editor...purely by coincidence.

Frank Ryan styles the lefthand slot in high water, 5.5-ish. Note pinned boat from an earlier group helpfully marking out one of the central siphons.

Running the central route - before changes in the riverbed made this dangerous.

Sheryl Francis comes through the nasty slot. Low water.

Andy Whitelock below the rocky fall. The river left slot is clearly visible. Following shots show medium/ low water.

The dangerous and rocky centre/ river right route can just be seen here; accidents and entrapments regularly happen on it.

This picture shows the trickier route on the far river right.

Sheryl Francis in the first rapid below the fall; this is the last big rapid on the upper Dart.

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