Euthanasia in low and higher water - pics from Mark Groves.

Mark Rainsley going river right, pic from Neil Farmer.

At 5.5, from Ben Williams.

Euthanasia at 5.5 on gauge.

Euthanasia in flood, the island underwater. Through the trees you can just make out the curling diagonal wave...the line for most is to run the ramp left of this wave, then get hard right as there is a big hole waiting metres below!

The main route. The chicken chute can be seen close to the island, top right.

Chas Couchman runs the Falls.

Mark R on the Falls.

Dave Francis gets a mouthful. All photos above show low/ medium levels.

Emerging from Euthanasia Falls in lowish conditions...this photo doesn't show the main fall. Photo by Icarus Edmonds.

Fall a little way below Euthanasia.

Same fall, low water.

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