This is of the weir at Reybridge on the Avon between Chippenham and Melksham in Wiltshire. The level is fairly low. When its higher there is a friendly stopper there, when its really high it can get a bit nasty.

This one is the sluice gate to the right of the weir. Its often got water flowing over the top of it as in the photo. When there is more water, it forms a fast surf wave, but its very shallow concrete underneath so a roll is not recommended. Also, I have been told that the gate can open without warning, and when it does, huge amounts of water come through it. So much that it makes the river rise very quickly. Two of our club members witnessed this happen and it apparently caught out a number of fishermen further downstream.

This is the small wave where the river narrows at lacock abbey, about 1km below the weir in the previous pictures. Its perfect for people just learning to surf a wave. When the weir is low, this feature is quite good, when the weir is high, this feature washes out.

Photos from Martin Harrall.

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