NAME OF RIVER: It's actually a tidal playspot.

WHERE IS IT?: This playspot is in Hayle, Cornwall. You'll find it behind Jewsons (SW 556374)! It's fed by tidal flow.



TIME NEEDED: As long as you can keep going...

ACCESS HASSLES: No problems known.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: It works from three hours before high water local time, being best on springs.



Ross Cant (July 2004)...'The bottom seems to be made up of some kind of foundry slag that is like broken glass so decent shoes and keeping your hands (and boat) off the bottom is recommended. There are a number of overhead lines above the sluice so throw bags are a bit risky. Getting on when the tide is going out would not be recommended! The stopper can be fairly nasty/intimidating depending on your skill level.'

Denzil Pearce (August 2005)

'...Since work has started on the sluicing pool the sluice itself has become less predictable and seems to refuse to turn over into a stopper on anything under a 6.5 / 6.6m tidal difference (taken from Easy Tides). On lower levels it now seems to form a bit of a frontsurftastic wave sometimes with a rather wimpy little hole but occasionally will do something odd (sometimes good, sometimes bad) and surprise you.'

'...yesterday I e-mailed you with some updated information about the Hayle sluice. Unfortunately last night when paddling at the sluice it appears that even more work has been happening and the levels that it works at seem to have changed again. It appears that this work will carry on for some time continually changing the levels the sluice runs at and therefore making the information about levels I sent you already obsolete! When the work is finished the mighty sluice is likely to be a much changed future (if there is still a future there) and at this point some of the boys from Hayle canoe club and myself will endeavor to write you a new guide for the new future.'

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Hayle Sluice in Cornwall is a tidal stopper. Two tunnels feed into a large pond over a concrete sill. This creates a beast of a stopper!

Both Penzance and Hayle Canoe Clubs use it for training and hold rodeo competitions there. Some pictures at

Pictures of Hayle Sluice


CONTRIBUTED BY: Richard Uren, also Ross Cant and Denzil Pearce.



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Re: Hayle Sluice -- StoneWeasel
2015 Mar 10 05:02:49 PM
Re: Hayle Sluice -- Pav
2015 Mar 09 04:16:13 PM
I think it must be almost 20yrs since I played here, but the post reminded me of the fun had there and remember a small rodeo comp one year, I think organised by the hayle club.

When last down we popped in the asda and I thought about the sluice then. Interested to see what has been done. The whole area looks like some serious money has been spent. Any photos of what they have done down by the sluice itself?
Re: Hayle Sluice -- josh sparrow latus
2015 Jan 27 06:29:15 PM
"StoneWeasel" wrote:


went their yesterday with uni and both sides of the sluice dive shop and harbour side entrances have been blocked due to the fact they are doing more works at the moment.
Re: Hayle Sluice -- josh sparrow latus
2015 Jan 27 06:27:57 PM
"StoneWeasel" wrote:


went their yesterday and both sides of the sluice dive shop and harbour side entrances have been blocked due to the fact they are doing more works at the moment.
Re: HAYLE SLUICE -- StoneWeasel
2014 Nov 04 03:14:32 PM
"josh sparrow latus" wrote:
just a quick note to say the sluice is un accessable atm as they are rebuilding a wall on the otherside of the tunnels so they are blocked atm (river side).

if you have any more news on this and wish to update me please do ]

The sluice is still totally accessible you just have to get there by going down the footpath by the old dive shop next to Jewsons. I normally park on the scrap land in front of the abandoned dive shop and walk down the path from there.

I have marked it on this map.

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