(Chertsey Weir)

Chertsey Weir, River Thames.

15 miles south west of Central London, 2 miles to the south east of the M25/ M3 interchange (TQ 0539 6691).

A small friendly pour over facility that provides a popular Summer play boating venue. Also, during the Winter months when the Thames is high, waves can form at Chertsey either side of the Summer pour over- with a very retentive stopper forming to far the far left and a shallow surf wave forming to the right.

For several years now, Chertsey has been a popular Summer play boating venue for Thames Valley boaters starved of their usual Hurley fix. The pour over provides a steep, narrow chute of water that is suitable for beginners and more experienced paddlers who want to stay paddling fit.

Water levels required
Summer levels- Hurley will be on 0 or 1 gates.
Winter levels- Shepperton will be on 10 gates and Hurley on a very high 4 gates.

Gauge and levels information
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Directions and parking
From the M25- turn off at junction 11 and head in the direction of Central London on the A320. After mile follow the signs for Chertsey and then Shepperton. These will take you left at the first roundabout, right at a T junction and then over Chertsey Bridge (over the Thames). Immediately after the bridge, turn left. Look for a car park with caf, within the first few hundred yds- and hide all valuables. Put in upstream of the lock, head river right and portage.

Looking upstream from the weir pool, the location of the pour over is obvious, in the middle of the weir complex, between concrete walls. During the Summer, when Hurley is down to 0 or 1 gates, Chertsey produces a friendly, steep flume of water that is good for beginners or more experienced paddlers looking to keep paddling fit. The wave is small, but powerful and steep enough for cranking end after end and for steep blasts. Some wave moves are possible, but Chertsey couldn't exactly be described as a green wave venue.

There are clean eddies either side of the flume.

In high water, waves can start to form at the base of the concrete ramps either side of the pour over form. A very retentive stopper can form to the far surfer's left and to the right of the pour over, a shallow green wave that is less retentive. Chertsey can therefore be worth checking out when Shepperton is too high.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Chris Wheeler.