NAME OF RIVER: River Brede.

WHERE IS IT?: Rye, Sussex. Map.

PUT-INS/ TAKEOUTS: Awkward steep bank north of Ferry Bridge, Winchelsea.

APPROX LENGTH: About 3 miles upstream to nowhere in particular before you get the machete out! Best in early summer before the weeds grow.

TIME NEEDED: A couple of hours.

ACCESS HASSLES: Probably public, but no-one around to worry.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Regulated by sluice at Rye.

GRADING: I placid.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Man-eating blanket weed.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Not much to be seen. One for those who want to tick off all names rivers in their logbook.

OTHER NOTES: You can also go downstream to Rye (2 miles, not very interesting) or branch on to the Royal Military Canal to Pett. Better views this way, but the weed is if anything worse..




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Re: RIVER BREDE -- Echobravo
2015 Nov 30 03:19:41 PM
A paddle of the River Brede on 30 November 2015 in very strong winds and occasional rain.

Put in on river right at Breed Bridge on the A28. Very slippery and muddy following the heavy rain.

A narrow channel river without many features but ideal to paddle in winter months as no weed as mentioned by others. With strong SW winds I was assisted with. Tails wind that helped me along at around 4.7 knots on some occasions. The nature of the river in a deep channel protected me for most of the paddle.

The river winds down stream with the odd duck and heron to keep you company. Be warned just upstream from Float Farm is a small weir, barely seen on the OS Explorer. You can just manage to get out on river right just up from this and re-enter down stream of the obstruction. Be prepared to get very muddy!!

The rest of the paddle was fine with better scenery and wildlife further downstream with more herons and kingfishers.

The paddle ends at Brede Sluice. A small slipway near the sluice on river left offers a way out of the otherwise steep banks and privately owned properties. Not sure who owns access (think EA) but no one stopped me. Not the easiest exit, again very muddy and slippery!

Overall a decent paddle of around 15km taking 3 hours in a Perception Essence 16ft.

The Paddle took 3 hours the cleaning of kit a further hour :-)
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