(Headcorn to Hunton)

NAME OF RIVER: River Beult.

WHERE IS IT?: South of Maidstone. Map.


Put in: At TQ823444, minor road in Headcorn off A274, roadside parking, Stilebridge on A229 south of Maidstone, or (probably) minor road at Hunton TQ709494.

APPROX LENGTH: Total about 12 miles.

TIME NEEDED: Allow 4 hours for some awkward portages at weirs.

ACCESS HASSLES: Private, but rarely anyone around to worry, especially in the close coarse fishing season.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Regulated by weirs and sluices. Some shallows below weirs.

GRADING: I placid.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Weirs should be portaged.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Pleasant meandering river in flood plain with distant views of hills.

OTHER NOTES: Prone to flood in winter, rather weedy at end of summer. Hunton Mill, just below the last put-in point, is nearly half a mile of distinctly private garden, and should not be attempted. Pity, because you can come up the other way to below the mill from the confluence with the Medway at Yalding.




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Re: RIVER BEULT (Headcorn to Hunton) -- HarryWats0n
2010 Apr 04 10:27:14 PM
Paddled the river today 4-4-10

Got in at the suggested put in, the river was at 7 on the gauge. Nice little ditch, no problems with depth, fairly deep in most places, we paddled down to a pub at Stile Bridge, which is a good pub and had no problems with us in cags + swimming shorts! We didnt have to portage any weirs, although had to duck under a few bridges, still no portages. You will 3 car bridges, all of which provided some entertainment with the weirs underneath. Nothing amazing, but if your nearby and fancy a change from the Medway, give it a go!
Re: RIVER BEULT (Headcorn to Hunton) -- HarryWats0n
2010 Apr 03 08:15:45 PM
Planning on running the river tomorrow, stay tuned for more pictures/ guide!
Re: RIVER BEULT (Headcorn to Hunton) -- HarryWats0n
2010 Mar 14 09:16:38 PM
Scouted the river today, as I have relatives who live very nearby, there is a gauge at the put in and the river wasn't in on it. - It hasn't rained in a long while!The river just looked runnable today, but if you were in a canoe you might struggle as in some places it got down to 3ft wide, admittedly at average levels it would look much more acceptable, Looks like a bit of fun as an exploritary paddle, but I wouldnt be too excited from what I can see. Maybe worth a visit if your nearby, and if you dont fancy it you can allways head over the the nearby river Medway.

Anyway, this is the link the the few camera phone pictures I took at the put in!

Planning on a trip down the river soon, will post up here what it is like.
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