NAME OF RIVER: Not really rivers...these are a series of tidal creeks.

WHERE IS IT?: West Sussex.

PUT-INS/ TAKEOUTS: Public hards at Dell Quay (easy parking for early arrivals) SU835028; Bosham Quay (drop off at Quay but again arrive early, then parking free on Shore Road which FLOODS EVERY HIGH TIDE else pay-and-display) SU803037; Emsworth (drop off at quay and then paying car park) SU748055

APPROX LENGTH: Each put in point is on a different creek; round trip distances to the harbour mouth are Emsworth 6 miles, Bosham 8 miles, Dell Quay 10 miles, and could of course be combined.

TIME NEEDED: As long as you please.

ACCESS HASSLES: Public tidal water, though the Harbour Commissioners may charge a launching fee (Ive not had to yet).

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: The hards are at the high tide end of the creeks so if possible go down with the ebb and up with the flow, with a picnic on the sand dunes at East Head at the entrance to the harbour while the tide turns. Time of tide similar to Shoreham or Portsmouth.

GRADING: I calm conditions.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Strong tides near East Head. The more open water near East Head can be very rough in windy conditions.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: From wooded creeks to saltmarsh to sandy beaches.

Pictures of Chichester Harbour

OTHER NOTES: A historic harbour Dell Quay close to Fishbourne where the Romans landed, Bosham where King Canute defied the tide; war graves of both Allied and German airmen on Thorney Island. Neighbouring Pagham Harbour is a nature reserve and strictly out of bounds.