(Clapham to Low Bentham)

NAME OF RIVER: River Wenning.

WHERE IS IT?: Just inside N Yorkshire about 30 mins from Lancaster. The Roeburn and Hindburn flow into it.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Various. Clapham, High Bentham, Low Bentham, Wennington

APPROX LENGTH: 9 km. Clapham - Low Bentham is the only section I've run.

TIME NEEDED: 2 hours.


WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Check out the Bridge at Low Bentham, if theres enough water to get under the bridge.

GRADING: 2 with some tricky weirs/ portages.


GENERAL DESCRIPTION: A nice grade 2 run. No major difficulties or rapids. The main interest is the series of weirs which make up the white water interest. A number of small weirs offer good play potential, although these were of the wire basket full of stones variety, which were starting to break open, and could snag boats.

Towards Low Bentham there are two larger weirs. The first vertical weir could be nasty in high water. The second resembles Buckfastleigh weir on the lower Dart, angled on one side and stepped on the other. Can be shot either side.

The bridge at Low Bentham had trees obstructing one side when I paddled this (quite a few years ago) but apparently they often catch up there. The Bridge can be inspected on the way up to the top.

Pictures of the Wenning

OTHER NOTES: Do the Roeburn/ Hindburn instead! Can be paddled down into the Lune if you want a really long trip! The Greta is a similarly easy trip nearby.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Simon Wiles, Whitewater Tourists.