(Patton Bridge to the Kent Confluence)


WHERE IS IT?: Lake District. Flows into the Kent just above Kendal.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Put in: Patton Bridge GR 557974.

Take out: Bridge next to Morrisons Car park on the A6 just north of Kendal GR 522943.


TIME NEEDED: 1.5 - 2 hrs.

ACCESS HASSLES: Nick Burton...'We paddled it 26/10/02 and encountered two fishermen, one of which politely told us that we had no right to be there. We apologised and moved on - I assume that the paddling season for this must start on Nov 1st (which is apparently the date for River Kent downstream).

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Needs recent rain.

There's an online EA Gauge at Mint Bridge. Calibrations are roughly - Low: 0.60m, Medium: 0.75m, High: 0.85m.

GRADING: Grade 3 with one or two grade 4 rapids.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: A couple of weirs may be dangerous in high water.

Nick Burton (Oct 02)...'We paddled it in medium-high water (lots of surrounding fields were flooded after several days rainfall) and found the first vertical weir (4-5ft) was fine to run on far river left with a decent boof. Just right of centre, there is a channel cut in the weir which may seem appealing from upstream - DO NOT go near this. There was a tree/ bar across it about 1ft from the top, at the perfect height to catch a descending paddler!'

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: From the put just upstream of Patton Bridge, the water is mostly grade 2 intermingled with larger grade 3's. The first half of the river eases you into the action which lies in the second half. A vertical weir follows a bridge/aquaduct. This can be run in low water, but looks dangerous in higher levels.

Shortly afterwards the river flows alongside a high wall on the right side. This leads to a high bridge, and an awkward rapid "Meal bank" follows. The river splits round a large rock offering two channels. We avoided the narrow right channel, and ran the right hand side. The 1-2m drop has a large stopper on the left side, with definite backloop potential. Further obstructions immediately downstream mean that a speedy roll is essential.

Easier water leads you to an easily shot angled weir just above a bridge. Not long after the bridge, the most complicated rapid is reached. This is an excellent long continuous grade 3/ 4 rapid with a few larger holes. A small weir lurks after this rapid, which is closed by vertical walls and may be nasty in high flow. A minute or so below the weir, you come to the takeout bridge.

OTHER NOTES: The river can be run from several starting points higher up. If you fancy a longer trip you could continue down through Kendal, and down the Lower Kent. In Kendal there are numerous small weirs and waves. Watch out for the Large weir just above Kendal town centre.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Simon Wiles, Whitewater Tourists, also Nick Burton.



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Re: RIVER MINT (Patton Bridge to the Kent Confluence) -- STEVEHITCHEN
2018 Apr 09 08:34:17 PM
Hi folks, WCG ran this at a very low level on 8-4-18.

Level about 0.45 very scrapey in the first third of the run.

Shortly after the first third, a small beck comes in from river left

at this point there is a major tree completely blocking the river

Even at low level it was a definite but easy portage.After this there was

bit more water apart from the slabs after Meal Bank, and the final

GR 4 rapid. Both of these were technical but very entertaining at the

level.We continued into Kendal where we were aproached by an

angler on a pushbike, who informed us that we should not be

Kayaking during the fishing season.We informed him that we had not

see a single fisherman or a single fish all day.He lost interest and went

on his way. Suprisingly enjoyable even with a swim. Happy paddling

Steve H.
Re: RIVER MINT (Patton Bridge to the Kent Confluence) -- gareth smith
2016 Jan 10 07:13:01 PM
Paddled on 10th January 2016 A number of trees down which forced portage. On the rapid below the pipe bridge (rapid down to house on river right) At the end of the rapid there is two stoppers. The one river left is fine. The one on river right has a coil of barbed wire in it. I am guessing this is remains of a barbed wire fence. If someone was to take the line through this stopper it would be very serious. The barbed wire was not visible from above.
Re: RIVER MINT (Patton Bridge to the Kent Confluence) -- mole
2014 Jan 06 09:31:14 AM
Paddled 5/1/14 and the bar in the slot of the first 5ft weir has been cut out, still worth having a good look though as this will attract debris. Also worth noting that 0.56 on the gauge will show as low not scrape on rainchasers but its probably a bit low and the first 3rd of the river is painfully low at this level.

Re: RIVER MINT (Patton Bridge to the Kent Confluence) -- Rachel T
2013 Jan 08 06:05:46 PM
There is a tree down somewhere between Patton Bridge and Garlic Weir, portaged at a high level (on left hand bank). Might just be possible to run far left through branches, but not by us. None others down on this section at the moment but plenty of annoying twiggy bits to brush through.
Re: RIVER MINT (Patton Bridge to the Kent Confluence) -- whos_huw
2011 Feb 05 09:07:18 PM
Tree down 200m after get on, across whole river at chest height, portaged river left.

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