(Tebay to Beck Foot)


WHERE IS IT?: It flows down from the Pennines and Eastern Lake District towards Lancaster, beside the M6 for some way.


The suggested access point is to the south and west of Tebay. Follow the A685 south from Tebay; if you want to inspect Tebay gorge then stop on the old bridge before the road crosses the railway and M6 for views up and down the gorge. Continue along the A685 and immediately after it crosses the new bridge turn right onto the minor road to Roundthwaite. Follow this for 600m to a small muddy layby on the right where a public footpath leads to the confluence of Roundthwaite Beck and the Lune.

This section ends at Beckfoot (620963) which is easily reached (by car) by following the A685 south, first left onto the B6257 under the M6 after which the second left is the minor road leading under the viaduct and down to Beckfoot.

Carrying on is recommended, however.

To help avoid congestion at the Beckfoot egress please park vehicles under the old railway viaduct or on the verges of the B6257 and carry boats up from the river in order to make life easier for the residents of Beckfoot. Better than that – paddle on down to the Rawthey confluence!




The latest British Canoeing access guide (March 2015) can be found here.

The current Regional Waterways Adviser, Barry Curley, may be contacted using email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Needs reasonable rain to do this section.

GRADING: Grade 2 with one 4-.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Watch out for low trees in spate.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: There is an easy grade 4 fall below Tebay bridge then it is grade 2 all the way down to the start of the better section at Beck Foot.

OTHER NOTES: Best to carry on below Beck Foot.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Andy Buckle, Scott Rudkin and Barry Curley.



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Re: RIVER LUNE (Tebay to Beck Foot) -- JonW
2012 May 11 10:17:15 AM
As of today there is a very large tree in the centre of the river facing downstream immediately after the northern M6 Bridge at Tebay.
Re: RIVER LUNE (Tebay to Beck Foot) -- downriverpete
2012 Jan 04 02:36:26 PM
I have some helmet cam video footage of the first gorge section of the lune if it of use to people wanting to get an idea of water levels. The EA gauge at Killington for this run read ~0.8. I can also confirm that the tree hazard above Killington Bridge has been removed / washed away. There is a fairly substantial tree trunk gradually working it's way down the river but is currently quite high on the LH bank just after the RH bend above the strid.
No subject -- El Pres
2008 Oct 06 04:14:23 PM
The guide mentions tree hazards above Killington Bridge please see this thread for an update.

I have a place just upstream of Tebay falls, if anyone wants more river information or updates on water levels please feel free to PM me, I will supply my mobile number for updates on water levels etc
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