(High Hodder to Ribble Conflence)


WHERE IS IT?: Lancashire, trib to the Lower Ribble.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: High Hodder Bridge (Multimap) to Low Hodder Bridge or continue into Lower Ribble.

APPROX LENGTH: 3 miles or 8 miles if continuing into the Ribble.

TIME NEEDED: 1-2 hrs.

ACCESS HASSLES: Very poor, jealously guarded fishing rights, much of the bordering land is also owned by the not so local fishing clubs. Ribble also contested. Rivers are large enough to accommodate all who wish to use them.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Gauge on the downstream side of High Hodder bridge.


MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: 2 x weirs on the Hodder, both easily inspected from the right bank or from the pool above them. Both run OK but you might not want to go playing in the stoppers.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Put-in at High Hodder Bridge RR is a public footpath. Ample parking is available RL of the bridge. The river gives several miles of enjoyable Gr2 touring. The river sweeps through its beautiful wooded valley with enough flow to keep one eye on the river. The odd rapid forms from bedrock shelves. A gauging weir is easily spotted by the overhead cables and steps, gauge and hut on river right. At levels encountered and seen the weir is friendly down the deeper centre, forming a wave at most levels. Inspection would be easy on the right.

Low Hodder Bridge is soon reached, egress is possible downstream of the bridge RL, above Cromwell's Bridge. Parking is more limited here and popular amongst walkers and fishermen. Alternatively continue down into the Lower Ribble, emerging approximately 5 miles above Ribchester Bridge and the De Tabley Inn.

The section below Low Hodder Bridge is flatter than above and contains a single weir, again easily spotted on a right hand bend. Portage/Inspection on the right or the fish ladder on the right went at the levels paddled.

OTHER NOTES: A multi-drop tributary on the right might tempt those frustrated by lack of gradient in the section below High Hodder Bridge as a stunt.

As mentioned you are unlikely to receive a warm welcome from anyone fishing in this valley.