(Burholme Bridge to Higher Hodder Bridge)


WHERE IS IT?: North Lancashire near Clitheroe.


PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: A careful examination of the relevant OS map will show two or three unobtrusive access points but I have accessed from Burholme Bridge (left Bank, upstream) and egressed at Higher Hodder Bridge (Right Bank, downstream). Both of these points are on public rights of way.

Probably best to be changed and ready to go preferably with a kind person to drop off and pick up.


TIME NEEDED: 2-3 hours?

ACCESS HASSLES: Apparently very difficult, jealously guarded by fishing interests but I have had no incidents on the two occasions I have paddled (both times in the dark days of December).

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: It needs a spell of heavy rain as most of the catchment is captured by Stocks Resevoir and the river is wide.

GRADING: 1 - 2.


GENERAL DESCRIPTION: This is a beautiful touring river (ideal for open canoeing) flowing through 'remote' countryside well away from roads and houses. It is on a par with the Eden in North Cumbria. No detail is required as there is only one small rocky drop halfway through the trip.

OTHER NOTES: I am really hoping that this entry will open a debate. I do not know of a comparable quality touring river with greater access problems. I am 47 years old and am not prepared to wait for the slow wheels of government and natural justice to allow access to this beautiful river.

Anyone paddled other sections of the Hodder?

CONTRIBUTED BY: David Leedham (Kendal, Cumbria).



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Re: RIVER HODDER (Burholme Bridge to Higher Hodder Bridge) -- roland_rat
2012 Nov 15 02:59:51 PM
Hi has any one got an idea of what level it needs to be on the guage at hodder place to be high enough to run please?

Re: RIVER HODDER (Burholme Bridge to Higher Hodder Bridge) -- jonatkinson
2012 Jun 27 07:33:32 PM
Well done and thanks for posting this, it's encouraging and inspiring. The Hodder is a beautiful river. I've walked most of it and at times have been anxious of and encountered pretty extreme territorial attitudes though it has always been more than worth it anyway. I would utterly love to canoe down it sometime and would actually like to do it in summer low water though realise it would involve a lot of portage. I'm completely new to canoeing and know and love the Hodder through fishing it so have appreciation of the conflicts of wishes of the beings that frequent it. I don't want to spoil anyone's day by disturbing a salmon pool or spooking some trout but though I realise my passage is likely to cause some momentary inconvenience to humans and none humans alike no lasting harm is done and anyone not willing to share the earth with others in passing might learn something from the passage of a paddler or two. We all have a right to this kind of beauty and rivers belong to everyone and no-one.
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