(Langwathby to Lazonby)


WHERE IS IT?: North Cumbria. It eventually reaches the sea at Carlisle.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Langwathby bridge (none town side of the bridge), NY 5657 3347, has parking and access, but spaces are limited. 

At Lazonby, NY 5498 4028, there is a car park on river left on the Lazonby side of the bridge.
Transfers can be done by train for this section.
TIME NEEDED:  2/3 hours
ACCESS HASSLES: We had no issues at either end or on route.
WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: We paddled at 0.6m on the gauge.Should run at all water levels.
GRADING: 2, or 3 in high water. Eden Lacy falls Grade 4/5
MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Trees. Weir. Bridges. Eden Lacy Falls!

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The river is mostly grade 2 with some rapids which reach grade 3 at high water levels. With the exception of Eden lacy Falls which is a significant natural rock scar/water fall, which probably touches grade 4 in some conditions. 

There could obviously be trees in the river but none of the rapids are particularly dangerous at normal levels, mostly various types of gravelly constriction rapids. Mellow touring run, with some rapids to maintain interest, depending on the water level. 

About 1km downstream after put-in there is an Island, in low water you may ground out river left, the narrow shoot river right should be run-able, but watch out for low hanging trees. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the railway bridge about 6km, in from Langwathby. When you see this, get river left, go gently round the corner and when you start to see/hear the rumble of Eden Lacy falls get our river left and inspect! I would advise not running this rapid/water fall blind. There is normally a shoot-able run river right, but take care there was some kind of metal spike in the water at low levels in this area. Other options might be possible, asses on the day. If you don't fancy running this, its a short walk river left around the falls and back in on a beach just below the falls. These falls are beautiful if nothing else. Only a few hundred metres on the right you will get to Eden Lacy Caves. Take out river right and follow the path to the buttress of rock, its a great little Easter Egg, and nice place for lunch. Man-made caves in the rock face. Take care though as there are no hand rails and its a long enough drop to be dangerous. River is shallow below, so don't be tempted to jump/dive in. 

After these falls its mellow water to the egress at Lazonby bridge. Get out river left before the bridge, at the picnic site and public car park.