WHERE IS IT?: North Cumbria. It eventually reaches the sea at Carlisle

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Centre of Appleby, NY 6845 2047, road runs parallel to the river. Parking on the road side, slip way next to a cafe, which is a handy place for paddlers to wait while others to the transfer, which can be done by train for this section.
Langwathby bridge (none town side of the bridge), NY 5657 3347 has parking and egress, but spaces are limited.
TIME NEEDED: 4-5 hours
ACCESS HASSLES: We had no issues at either end or on route.
WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: We paddled at 0.6m on the gauge. Should run at all water levels.
GRADING: 2, or 3 in high water.
MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Trees. Weir. Bridges.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The river is mostly grade 2 with some rapids which reach grade 3 at high water levels. 

There could obviously be trees in the river but none of the rapids are particularly dangerous at normal levels, mostly various types of gravelly constriction rapids. However, watch out for stepping stones a few kilometres after put in and also remains of a weir another 1km after this, inspect due to overhanging trees, but its portagable with care, not to be shot without a careful look. River continues with regular riffles. After the River Eamont joins on your left, watch out for fisherman river left or in the river and also there are a couple of breakwaters (walls into the river) river left. You will shortly be approaching Langwathby bridge, get river left downstream of the bridge, at low levels there is a gravel beach here. Also, there is a row of sheet piles right across the river I believe the river from left to right.