(Grainsgill Beck to Mosedale)


WHERE IS IT?: Behind Skiddaw in the North east Lakes. A short drive upstream from Mosedale village.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: The road follows the river heading upstream from Mosedale, and we parked the far side of a small bridge (Grainsgill Beck, Multimap). We put in just above the top fall, and got off at Mosedale bridge.

The road follows the top section of the river (the harder part) so alternatively you could get off at any point during this part and miss out the lower section (which is easier, however has a few tree branches across it here and there - all of which we could avoid, although higher water levels may have made that more difficult).


TIME NEEDED: 1 hour or less!

ACCESS HASSLES: Unknown, but we encountered no issues.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: A fair amount of rain is needed. One of the guidebooks mentions a pebble beach at the get out (easily inspected from the road) and say this needs to be covered. We paddled the river whilst it was slightly lower than this (a few of the pebbles were showing) and had no problems.

GRADING: 4 at the start, easing off to 3.


GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The first kilometre is a continuous, fairly steep, really good fun grade 4 with three falls of note within the first 500 metres - all of which can be seen when driving upstream.

The river then eases it's gradient slightly, to a grade 3. A few tree branches in the lower section, although we paddled around them all without issue (Dec 2006).

See White Water Lake District Guidebook for more info and map.


Pictures of this section.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Helen Wigmore, York Canoe Club.

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Re: RIVER CALDEW (Grainsgill Beck to Mosedale) -- callwild
2013 Nov 06 01:06:00 PM
"Jim Pullen" wrote:
The Upper Caldew has an EA gauge on it
Re: RIVER CALDEW (Grainsgill Beck to Mosedale) -- PMB
2013 Oct 27 11:08:36 PM
Ran this today so it would have been about 1.00 on the gauge. Was a bit rocky, would have liked to have more water in it. Presume anything above 1.10-1.20 would be a good level.
Re: RIVER CALDEW (Grainsgill Beck to Mosedale) -- Jim Pullen
2013 Jan 07 12:37:29 PM
The Upper Caldew has an EA gauge on it here.

Does anyone have any calibrations for it? (Minimum paddleable level, etc)
Re: RIVER CALDEW (Grainsgill Beck to Mosedale) -- Jay Oram
2009 Jan 17 05:43:22 PM
The river was normal level when i ran it, the tree was an obvious strainer and the flow was straight into it. I posted that was going to do it ages ago and all the paddlers i was with said it was the right thing to do - it's a whole other argument and i'm not getting into it. The tree's gone now, too late whatever.

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