The first three falls run together

Bob Evans on the first of the three falls, photo Alan.

Mikey about to take on fall number three, photo Bob.

A short flat section of water leads into the next G6.

Looking at the second G6 with the Seven falls in the background. Picture Bob.

A two tier G4 drop with grabby stopper at the base

Mikey on the a G4 drop, picture Bob.

A narrow G5 slot with two drops,both tending to backloop

Graeme Cranston entering the slot. Picture Bob.

Bob Evans half way down the slot, about to be backlooped. Picture Barry.

A hard G4 section with a three metre fall and stopper at its base.

Bob Evans on the final fall, others went over here inverted. Picture Mikey.

A 100 metre section of G4 and G5, Kail Pot, culminating in a small double drop.

Bob Evans at the base of Kail Pot having backlooped and rolled. Picture Mikey.

Kail Pot, Barry recovering from a backloop, picture Bob.

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