Piccies of the 18' Burrs weir from Nigel Crompton.

This was taken the day GMP's helicopter was chasing empty boats down the river looking for the ex-occupants. Turns out they'd chickened out (sensibly!) dragged their boats up the bank walked out - the river rose so fast their boats were washed downriver before they came back for 'em...photo by Gail Flatley.

The weir and Burrs site from Steve Cooper

All remaining photos from Rick Atkinson

The weir itself

The first feature after the weir, unknown paddler

The next feature, broken weir

Looking back up the river. Note the large eddy at the bottom of the pic is the get out.

Looking over the big blue bridge. Note the rocks are fully submerged, everything gets washed out apart from the main features. The gorge section will be big and bouncey continous grade 3. Shopping trolleys, and usual household appliances become major hazards at this level!

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