NAME OF RIVER: Liddel Water.

WHERE IS IT: It's on the Scottish/ Cumbrian border. Near Canonbie and the Border Esk. Map.

PUT INS/TAKE OUTS: Put-in at Penton Bridge. There is a convenient carpark on the Scottish side.

Take out about 500m downstream on river left where there should be a rope swing and cliffs that people jump off. To get back to the start, follow a path through woods on river left until it comes on just next to the bridge.

APPROX LENGTH: 500 metres.

TIME NEEDED: 1 quick run takes no more then 1 hour including getting ready and walking back.


WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: A path on the river right leads follows the river and you can see most of the rapids from it. If the opening rapid looks at a good height, then it should be fine. If there is a current under the bridge it should be good and if it is a fast current with small whirlpools it will be very fun.

GRADING: 3 mainly, but in higher conditions the first rapid reaches 4.

MAJOR HAZARDS: First rapid - river left can be sticky at high levels I can imagine.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The river consists mainly of 4 rapids but they can be merged together in high water. The river changes a lot in different conditions and the higher it is the more options there are.

* First rapid is a small drop on river left and slide on the right followed by some stoppers and waves before a clear eddy. In high levels the rock in the middle will become submerged and form a ledge drop.

* Second rapid is straightforward with the option of a rock to boof or a hole to go through. The alternative route is to go river right down 1 of two small drops (this route misses the third rapid).

* Third rapid is another straightforward rapid. There is a part which totally submerged my friend in his boat where the water comes from 3 directions.

* Fourth rapid is just made up of stones to go over. Sometimes a wave forms on the right hand side.

* In high water at the get out there are waves to play on.

Pictures of Liddel Water

OTHER NOTES: The cliffs on the left hand side at the bottom can be seal launched or jumped as well as the other cliffs, tree and rope swing. The Bridge is also fun to jump off! This river is good in high water and does not take a long time, so can be done after any other river in the area. There are paths either side of the river to walk down; one involves climbing a fence.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Tim Kwant and Graeme Flemming. email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.