NAME OF RIVER: Langstrath Beck.

WHERE IS IT?: The Lake District, a few miles due south of Derwent Water.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Follow the B5289 south from Keswick along Derwent water. Shortly after going through Rosthwaite, turn left to Stonethwaite and then follow the rough track to the campsite. This is the suggested take out, park here and walk up the river left bank. Follow the path past the lower drops and slabs, Fairy Glen, continue on past a long flattish section up to and past the next set of slabs. A narrow slot marks the start of the trip.


TIME NEEDED: 2-3 hours.


WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Needs a bit of rain or snow melt to bring it up, but not too much. The river needs to be just navigable at the take out by the campsite.

GRADING: 4 to 5 depending on water level.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Technical falls, slides and rocks.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: A superb little river with slides and technical falls, spoilt slightly by a long flat section between the upper and lower sections. The main points to note starting at the top are...

A drop into a tricky narrow slot, Black Moss Pot, G 4-5.

A set of slab slides, with stoppers thrown in on the way down and a pinny finish, G4.

A long flat section that you passed on the walk up!

A few small rocky sections G3.

Another set of slaby slides with a choice of lines and a nice left to right move half way down G4.

Fairy Hole, a difficult double step drop with a central rock to negotiate into a confined pool, G 4-5.

Another tricky drop into a confined pool G4-5.

A small drop on a right bend with a large boulder to negotiate G4.

Pictures of Langstrath Beck

OTHER NOTES: A bit off the beaten track but well worth the drive to check it out.

Downstream in Borrowdale is the River Derwent.