WHERE IS IT?: A trib of the Lune, flows from near the Littledale scout camp into Caton. 15 mins from lancaster, M6 J34.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Go to the get out first which is the hump back bridge between Caton and Brookhouse (SD534644, Multimap). Drive over the bridge and turn right at the BlackBull in brookhouse. Follow this road up into the Littledale until you see the scout camp (SD554622, Multimap).


TIME NEEDED: 1 - 2 hours depending on trees and how often you micro eddy out.

ACCESS HASSLES: None when I have done it but it does flow through a private estate near the bottom.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Needs heavy localised rain before it goes (6 hours worth). Goes down just as quick. At the get out hump back bridge if the water is just touching the sides of the bridge underneath then this is the bare minimum (level pics taken at).

GRADING: Constant grade 4/4+ (bank full).

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: TREES! You best have your micro eddy technique up to scratch as trees are very common. I remember two notable trees, but due to the steep sided valley more could have fallen in.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: From the put in its about 30 metres to the first drop. Easy option is to take the slide down the right, left does go but a friend bruised his ribs going that way! After this you pass the scout camp on the right and some reef like drops/slides appear. You are now in the wooded gorge with bank scouting not easy. Continuous rapids with a pernament log dam appear creating an S bend style rapid. After this more rapids lead you to the beginning of the private estate, marked by a sheep fence right across the river, be on your toes for this in high water. Portage on river right keeping a low profile as you are now on the estate's land. Rejoin the river immediately and get ready for the must run weir/fall. When you see the estate house the weir is next/joined to it. Above it there is a nice pool so paddle over to the right to have a look. It is bowl shaped so wherever you run it you will pretty much end up in the same place at the bottom. I believe the drop at the bottom of it is undercut so just a word of warning. The action is now over with approx 1 km of gentle rapids down to the get out.

Pictures of Artle Beck





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Re: Artle Beck -- seeing bubbles
2019 Mar 08 04:36:49 PM
6th March 2018
Very large tree blockage 2.5m high and 6 m wide at he S bend with the 2 big boulders. Best portage option is over the top, but in medium / high water might be tricky crossing the river to get to it, as pull out is on opposite bank.
One other tree across the river needs portaging about 600m downstream. Dear fence gone!
The bottom of the big weir seem to be eroding, so the edge of the final 2m drop is no longer regular. A slot has grown so that most water flows to the right into the recirculating eddy. This is hard to see from the top. Worse the recirculation in the eddy is now partly under the undercut the weir itself. No doubt this will get worse with time.
When paddling make every effort to be as far left as you can possibly be.
If you don't make it expect a big cushion on the cliff face and powerful bodily recirculation. The power out form the eddy if you can. Only possible recuse is from opposite bank with throw line and recirculating eddy is mostly under a cliff. Have pics but can't seem to add them.
Re: Artle Beck -- wickydilliams
2018 Oct 14 07:33:52 PM
Paddled 12/10/18 the beck has 2 major tree hazards and probably another 4 noteable tree hazards, the first major hazard is described in the guide as the "permanant log dam which creates an s bend rapid" this log dam must have grown in size over the years as there is no s bend now you have to put in at the top of a tight slot far left which you must go down with no run up, we managed this without drama but setting up safety is not easy and there is no safe way to portage (you would have to climb over the log dam). Eventually if no effort is made to clear this up a little it may make the river unrunnable.

The second major tree hazard comes not long after the log dam, there is a river wide tree with a slit inthe middle, the slot goes or its also possible to portage river left, some of the minor tree hazards are also river wide but are relatively straightforward to get in the right position to pass them, very worthwhile run, lots of fun but due to the dangerous trees you need a strong group.
Re: Artle Beck -- rhysofen
2016 Oct 23 07:45:11 PM
Anyone paddled this recently? The last post is from some time ago so any update would be appreciated.

Re: Artle Beck -- Lancs_lad
2012 Nov 25 05:25:15 PM
Vid showing the awesome Artle beck - click click *unfortunately lots of trees in it at the mo, be careful
Re: Artle Beck -- Lancs_lad
2012 Jul 17 10:10:53 PM
Paddled this evening, the 1st time in awhile. Full of lots of new trees, due to the heavy rain recently lots of land slides have brought them down. Depending on levels some will need portaging. Unfortunately the best rapid has been spoiled by them. After the boulder slot, the rapid after this has 3 trees in it. The 1st unfortunately is completely out of sight on the blind left hand bend, in the middle of the big hole. I got pinned under it, luckily upright and in a stable position. It can be avoided with a squeeze under it on the right but like me if not expecting it I was to late to get across. After this there is one more branchy tree and then another substantial. No idea what was further down as we ran out of light and walked out!! Epic

On a plus note the massive tree just before the big cliff has moved and is now clear.
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