(Stanhope to Wolsingham)


WHERE IS IT?: County Durham, off the A689.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Stanhope ford, South bank (NY960392); Wolsingham - Road bridge on Hamsterly Road (NZ074368), parking may be available in the Station car park.


TIME NEEDED: 2 hours

ACCESS HASSLES: Not known - no problems encountered Jan 08 - probably okay in winter months

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: We paddled in medium conditions - we paddled clean over the stepping stones at Stanhope and there was sufficient water for the trip. I expect if you can't get over the stepping stones it will be a scrape. The number for Rivercall North East is 09066197722, which gives three gauge readings for the Wear.

GRADING: Pretty continuous grade 2 with bits of 3

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Weir under the road bridge upstream of Wolsingham (not marked on the map) - get out to inspect above the bridge. Concreted rocks hidden in the wave at the bottom of the weir.

The natural weir and series of stoppers just before the road bridge in Wolsingham may get more retentive as the water level increases.

Quite a number of trees and tree roots at the waters edge along the whole length of the river.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: An exciting picturesque river with plenty of challenge for the grade. Reasonable number of eddies and a few surfable waves. Quite fast flowing. Not well suited to absolute novice paddlers due to trees.

OTHER NOTES: The upper section is faster and harder, with the section just above only slightly harder. The next section leads down to Witton-le-Wear.




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Re: WEAR (Stanhope to Wolsingham) -- willbailey
2016 Mar 03 09:50:12 PM
Frosterly bridge about half way through the run their is a fallen tree right across the river and can't be negotiated you come on to it very quick we had to pull decks and get out quick and portage also the broken weir 2/3rds down left of centre arch a large gate pinned and needs to ran to the right paddled 2nd March 2016
Re: WEAR (Stanhope to Wolsingham) -- kirstyrichardson
2011 Feb 13 06:05:32 PM
Paddled this today (13th Feb 2011). Just to make people aware that there is a large tree blocking the lefthand passage under the bridge at Frosterley village. We had to portage this section as there was no water passing under the right hand arch.
Re: WEAR (Stanhope to Wolsingham) -- coley
2009 Jan 25 08:12:50 AM
will this be running to today? any info thanks:)
Re: WEAR (Stanhope to Wolsingham) -- Jim Pullen
2009 Jan 13 03:33:27 PM
Major expansion to the guide went up today - thanks to Andy Waddington.
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