(Finchale Priory to Chester-le-Street)

NAME OF RIVER: River Wear.

WHERE IS IT?: Durham, just North of...

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Launch at Finchale Priory NZ 297 473.

Take out at Chester New Bridge, Chester-le-Street NZ 285 523.


TIME NEEDED: 2.5 hours.

ACCESS HASSLES: Land owners have put signs up stating no canoes, but once you reach these there is no easy way back. We received some abuse from fishermen and I have also heard of shot guns being fired into the water in front of canoeists.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS:The number for Rivercall North East is 09066197722, which gives three gauge readings for the Wear.

GRADING: Flat water.


GENERAL DESCRIPTION: We found this a long slow drag with no features. Touring boats may enjoy the scenery, but we found it long, flat and hard work.

OTHER NOTES: The section above is more popular. Consider a paddle from Bishop Auckland, also.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Redwatch River Runners Carl, Andy Rob (Nov 2005).



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Re: River Wear - Finchale Priory to Chester-le-Street -- inflatabill
2020 Jan 25 06:11:17 PM
I paddled this stretch last sunday.i noticed the sign saying no canoes or boats but continued on anyway.if anyone challenged me I planned on pretending they were not even there.the water is very slow moving from about half way but I enjoyed it nonetheless,I seen an otter on my travels which was nice as well.cant wait to go down that way again.
Re: River Wear - Finchale Priory to Chester-le-Street -- stuartcm83
2018 Mar 31 09:34:56 PM
By twisty you mean?
Re: RIVER WEAR (Finchale Priory to Chester-le-Street) -- daftdad
2012 Jul 21 01:19:56 AM
watch out for twisty fishermen on this stretch of the river wear
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