(Bishop Auckland to Sunderland Bridge)

NAME OF RIVER: River Wear. Bishop Auckland to Sunderland Bridge (A167 just South of Durham).

WHERE IS IT?: Bishop Auckland is in the middle of County Durham off the A688.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Put in just down stream of the old river bridge in Bishop Auckland, river right NZ 207 303. Plenty of parking for unloading etc, but might be more sensitive to leave most vehicles at the get out.

Get out Sunderland Bridge (on the A167 just south of Durham, NZ 266 377 just upstream of the old bridge, river right.

There is also a carpark and access at Jubilee bridge in Willington NZ 208 343 and access to the road at Page Bank NZ 234 355 no idea about parking at Page Bank) after 4 and 5 miles respectively.


TIME NEEDED: Took us 3 hours gentle paddling.

ACCESS HASSLES: Section is not often paddled. Anglers were friendly!

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: We paddled in quite low conditions without too much trouble.The number for Rivercall North East is 09066197722, which gives three gauge readings for the Wear.

GRADING: Mixture of grade 1 and grade 2.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: There are a number of trees in the river - these can easy be seen in advance and in most cases a safe line found.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: A pleasant touring section with no portages or particularly hard sections. Section has potential for novice trips and summer paddling.

OTHER NOTES: There are other sections above Witton-le-Wear which get harder the higher up you start. The section below is also popular. Anyone done Witton-le-Wear to Bishop Auckland for completeness?