WHERE IS IT?: N. Yorkshire. beyond Aysgarth Falls is a well-signposted tourist attraction, get in past Hawes.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Appersett village has a large common with parking (popular area though so arrive early) (SD858906). Be nice to the locals you are about to launch across their village common.

For a shorter and punchy trip egress at Worton Bridge - with some good parking on the North Side of the Bridge (SD955902).

DANGER - Aysgarth Falls is your next feature immediately after Aysgarth Mill Falls. Make sure you scout egress.

To avoid Aysgarth Mill falls egress at Turn Hole footbridge (SD995889). Some limited parking here. 

Possible to egress at Hawes and Bainbridge, but the above are the best trips. 

APPROX LENGTH: about 20km.


Low Flow 4-6 hours.

Medium Flow: 3-4 hours

High flow: 2-3 hours 

ACCESS HASSLES: No access problems as far as I know.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Bainbridge. I would guess at the following

0.6m Scrape/low

0.8 Medium

1.2 High

GRADING: 3. Low water = 2 / High water Grade 3

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS:  Aysgarth Falls - if you plan to paddle past Turn Hole, Scout be ready to egress, and ensure you have plans to pick up lost paddlers' boats and paddles before the Falls.  Several Stepping stones. Trees in higher up section. 

Bridge at Hawes is quote low so inspect in High water as this might require a portage. 

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Wow! What a view. This is a classic paddle that at times feels very remote. If it was not for regular views of the road you could believe you paddle into the wilderness. Starts very easy with classic meandering construction rapids/riffles. Nothing serious. Soon after Hawes the gradient becomes evident, and its continuous easy rapids, lots of sleeping hippos in low flows, although not difficult at medium flows, the riffles/rapids are fairly continuous. A swim could lead to a long boat chase. There are several sets of steppings stones to watch out for, all create fun play waves. In higher flows, it looks like it could get very lively, but nothing too scary all straightforward. After Bainbridge, it all quietens down apart from a finale rapid set before Worton Bridge (very tame).  Then after Worton, you have to negotiate Nappa Mill weir, a very small drop similar to previous stepping stones. Best shot river right, there is an obvious wave train (inspect). The river calms down now into an easy meander until Turn hole (the last get out before Aysgarth Mill). For an exciting finish carry on, but do so with great care as a swim at Aysgarth Mill could risk a swim down Aysgarth and Redmire which would be lethal! Not a high risk, but don't dismiss this advice lightly!

OTHER NOTES: Keep going to Masham!

Could be ideal paddle for SUP whitewater enthusiasts. 

The views can be spectacular, river does not feel very ditchy at all, so much more to see than usual.