(Newbiggin to Middleton-in-Teesdale)


WHERE IS IT?: In Teesdale off the B6277.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: This section joins up the section below Low Force and the race course section.

I've only run it whilst doing the full High Force to Winston Bridge section of the Tees. In theory you could walk down the footpath at Newbiggin (NY914275) and get off at the road bridge in Middleton-in-Teesdale (NY946251).


TIME NEEDED: 30mins if not stopping.

ACCESS HASSLES: None experienced.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: HF to LF needs to be running at at least a medium level or this will be scrapey.



GENERAL DESCRIPTION: This is a flat, meandering section of the Tees, with no notable features, but pleasant surrounding fields countryside.

OTHER NOTES: I did this with the Burne brothers after summer rain in June 2007. We ran the whole of High Force to Winston bridge in about 5.5 hours without pushing it. A worthwhile paddle if you fancy a long trip. Whether this section is worth it on its own is debatable!




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Re: TEES (Newbiggin to Middleton-in-Teesdale) -- Jim Pullen
2014 Feb 27 01:36:07 PM
Hi Sarah,

I think it's some sort of anti-spam thing that you can only start using the pm system after a few posts.

If you want to get a mention of your caravan site in the guides, then posting on this forum is the simplest way, as the text now appears below the guide. You might also consider adding something onto the forum posts linked to this guide, which corresponds to the section of river your site is actually next to. I may be able to add something to the guides themselves for you, but will check with the website owner first (Mark R) as we normally ask for a small donation towards the website costs for advertising.

It does look like a useful option for people travelling to the area and wanting somewhere to stay - I note you also have a small bunk house too and there have been several enquiries on the main forums about places to stay near Middleton-in-Teesdale in recent weeks (do a search!) However, the majority of kayaking on the Tees is done in the wettest months, traditionally October to Easter, although in recent years the wet summers have helped to give paddleable levels year round! I note that your site is closed throughout the Winter months.

Have you also considered offering kayakers and canoeists not staying on your land access to the river in return for a small parking charge? The location of your site would be very useful, in that it misses out some of the flat section below Middleton bridge which is used as an access point at present and would give a higher up alternative for groups interested in the section from Eggleston bridge to Cotherstone.

For those that are interested][/url]
Re: TEES (Newbiggin to Middleton-in-Teesdale) -- LeekworthCaravanPark
2014 Feb 26 03:02:38 PM
Hi There JimSorry to contact you this way but for some reason I can't private message you.I hope you can help me - I am trying to get Leekworth Caravan Site listed on here as a place for people to stay with access to the River Tees - we are situated on the banks of the River Tees just outside of Middleton-in-Teesdale. Is this possible and if so can you tell me how I would go about doing so? Kind RegardsSarah
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