(Neasham to Over Dinsdale)


WHERE IS IT?: In Teesdale! Just south of Darlington off the A66.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Put in at Neasham on the main street (NZ326101). Plenty of parking. There is a slip way for putting in but it is often occupied by Fisherman. Plenty of room to seal launch though.

Take out at the bridge at Over Dinsdale (NZ346114). Pull out on the left bank; there is a path up under the bridge. Not a lot of parking at bridge, what there is has been turned into passing places.


TIME NEEDED: 3 hours.

ACCESS HASSLES: Appears to be no problem with access, land owner does not like you pulling out near Sockburn Hall. Also speak to the River Advisors, there are various agreements for different sections of the Tees.

Latest access arrangements.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Water was reasonably low when we tried it. Most of the trip the water was only 12" deep. Judging by the size of the flood defences, the river can get quite high at times.

GRADING: Mostly Grade 1 with little bits of Grade 2.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Weir at Low Dinsdale. Just take it straight on, no problems even for the inexperienced.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Long stetches of fast flowing flat water interspersed with short stretches of rapids.

OTHER NOTES: Excellent trip for a beginner. Plenty of wildlife. Upstream are various classic whitewater sections.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Steve, Steve, Sarah, Sue and Ed.



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Re: RIVER TEES (Neasham to Over Dinsdale) -- stuartcm83
2018 Mar 31 09:22:54 PM
What was the resolution, did you just keep on paddling?
Re: RIVER TEES (Neasham to Over Dinsdale) -- Mal8985
2018 Mar 11 01:40:56 AM
Done this today : as per Davedraperdesign a fisherman said we shouldn't be on there /:
Re: RIVER TEES (Neasham to Over Dinsdale) -- davedraperdesign
2015 Jul 14 09:38:13 AM
Paddled this section for the first time last weekend despite living within a few miles!

Section is as described above. At relatively low levels, the 3 hour duration is pretty much spot on. River was full of weeds which formed interesting features for the group to wind their way through.

Only problem we had was from a local (resident of one of the properties along the stretch) who stated that the river was leased to fishing clubs 'who would not be happy' that we were paddling. However we only saw a pair of fishermen who were really friendly.

Would consider a VERY beginner trip or and easy canoe run.
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