(Garrigill to Alston)

NAME OF RIVER: South Tyne.

WHERE IS IT?: Alston is in the north Pennines, about 10 miles south of Haltwhistle, which is on the A69 Newcastle-Carlisle road.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Put in at Garrigill (NY745416).

Finish at Alston (NY716468). There is a carpark at the tourist railway there (NY717467). This is where the River Nent joins the South Tyne.



ACCESS HASSLES: There is an agreement for the whole Tyne system, it can currently be found on the BCU website here. Whilst being a lot fairer than some of the older-style access agreements, in that there is a summer spate clause, it still deviates from the CE ideal of 365 days access unless there is a sound environmental reason not to paddle. Having said this, the river is rarely fished above Alston, so you shouldn't have any hassles whatever the time of year.

For more details speak to one of the Level 5 coaches in Garrigill who currently share the access role, Lindsay Williams or myself Pete Button 01434 381966.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: The great thing about the area is the speed of the water, which is almost Alpine, and the speed at which it floods and drops which may be up and down in 4 hrs.

The River Call North East Number is 09066197722. In addition, daily water levels for the Tyne area can be found on the Fish Tyne website here or the EA Gauge at Alston. Additional calibration for the South Tyne would be useful if anyone has further info?


MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Featherstone weir.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Garrigill to Alston needs high water (eg flood). Around Garrigill it is grade 3 then drops to about grade 2 for the rest of the trip.

OTHER NOTES: Above Garrigill is also paddled occasionally as are some other local burns, eg Crossgill, Blackburn or the Nent (all of which are awaiting guides please!).

There is also the South Tyne from Alston to Slaggyford and from Haydon Bridge to Hexham.




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Re: RIVER SOUTH TYNE (Garrigill to Alston) -- PeteButton
2013 Dec 18 12:04:53 AM
That tree was removed this summer 2013, and in nov 2013 the trip from Garrigill to Slaggyford had not additional problems
Re: RIVER SOUTH TYNE (Garrigill to Alston) -- PeteButton
2012 Dec 30 10:15:00 AM
HelloPlease note that the guide above was written years ago, for the whole of the South Tyne.Water Levels using the gauge at Alston;Tynehead to Garrigill 1m minGarrigll to Alston 0.6 minAlston to Slaggyford 0.5 min.The TREE by BLACKBURN BRIDGE (see Rachel T) is still there as it has been for several years and is not likely to move soon. It is difficult to see and to avoid. This is A MAJOR HAZARD.
Re: RIVER SOUTH TYNE (Garrigill to Alston) -- Rachel T
2012 Dec 06 11:29:15 AM
Near end of November there was a tree down almost right across river. It as washed against a foot bridge some way down from Garrigill. The bridge was just after the river did an s-bend: first to the right and then the left. This made it hidden from above. We ran river at 1.15 on Alston gauge. It might have been possible to sneak left or right but the main flow was pushing you into the centre and tree resting just at water level so we elected to walk round. There were more trees laying in the river just above this so these might also get washed down against the bridge. At this level it was just possible to carefully eddie hop above the unseen bridge to see round corner and exit before the blockage. At higher levels this might not be possible. The Environment Agency has been informed.
Re: RIVER SOUTH TYNE (Garrigill to Alston) -- Jim Pullen
2009 Jan 27 10:22:04 PM
New links for Tyne area river levels: [url][/url]http]
No subject -- Jim Pullen
2008 Sep 21 09:17:05 PM
"Archie Ruggles-Brise (Tyne Rivers Trust)" wrote:
The Tyne Access Agreement can be found at[/url]

Submitted on 29/01/07

This is interesting information. They have also kindly provided information on
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