WHERE IS IT: Ryedale, in the North Yorkshire Moors

PUT INS / TAKE OUTS: Get on river left at Nunnington, upstream of the road bridge, there is a car park opposite side of the road to the entrance to Nunnington Hall (National Trust property) SE668795. Space for about five cars to unload and park here.  
Get off river left just after Butterwick bridge, SE732776. Limited parking here on grass verge (three vehicles max - anymore may upset locals).


TIME NEEDED: 2.5 hours without stopping (except to portage strainers). 

ACCESS HASSLES: No known issues, but lower down there are plenty of signs of active fishing, ladders for access litter the bank sides, if you do meet one they will likely be stood in the water with you. However, I suspect they will prefer to fish here when the level is low, too low for paddling. So fingers crossed we can share the river, they can have it when the level is low, we can use it when there level is a bit higher...met a few bank side fishermen in the lower reaches, no major issues, just tight for space, so be alert, polite and ask nicely if you can get past, most have obliged so far.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Gauge here. Best advice is wait until the gauge says 0.6, you can bump through at 0.55 but better for 0.6 and above.
It rises and falls off amazingly quickly after rain. At higher levels, the degree of tree hazard could become dangerous. 

GRADING: 2-3 mainly due to hazards rather than technical rapids or drops.

MAJOR HAZARDS / FALLS: Trees. Lots of them. Expect a river wide strainer around each corner. Nunnington Hall, weir about 500m after the put-in just past the hall. Its tall about 2m, relativley steep sloping face, but seems to slide fine and seems to run best river left (middle). Inspect first. 
East Ness gauging weir, this is mostly flushy, if you shoot it river centre. But does give you one hell of a grab, so could catch the unwary or inexperienced boater by surprise. The pool below the weir seems to be mostly shallow and rocky at 0.6m on the gauge. Not seen it at higher flows, but its a weir, treat with care.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Far from civilisation throughout its whole length, it’s also got an expedition feel to it. Instead of rocks to dodge, in this river it is trees. The upper section flows well, but the river mellows as you get past East Ness weir. 

Fast water immediately meets you with small rapids then mellows again for Nunnington weir. After this there is plenty of turbulent water to maintain interest, before East Ness weir and after this its a casual flat water paddle to Butterwick. At the right level Butterwick bridge has some mini rapids, but in higher flows often drowned out.