(Goldsborough to Kirk Hammerton)


WHERE IS IT?: Near Harrogate


Put in: Goldsborough Farm - There is a weir (potential play spot) here the route down is a PROW, but the Farm and parking is on Private property. The owner, Dave Chapman is very amenable. I think he is happy enough for people to park at his farm and paddle. However, I offered him some money, just to grease the works as its a paddle I would like to do again. Probably best to call beforehand: 07808 314 679

Take out: layby on the A59, near Ainsty Farm Shop/Petrol Station and turning to Nun Monkton. Left hand bridge arch is a dead end in low flows, provides a nice way to stop and get out. Best to pull the boat out on the downstream side of the bridge and haul up towards the semi-permanent burger van, up to the road - parking is free.

APPROX LENGTH: around 20-25km

TIME NEEDED: 4 hours (in lower flows)

ACCESS HASSLES: The river is used by fishermen. Although I saw none. At Hunsingore weir - the Mill opposite is a private residence, so stay river right and I would not advise stopping here for pic-nics. 

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: If the rocks below the bridge, that crosses the Nidd to get down to Goldsborough Farm are not underwater, then its likely to be a real scrape, until you get as far downstream as the A1.

GRADING: Mostly Grade I/II lots of riffles most of the way down. Probably drown out in higher flows.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS:  Lots of trees in river, some river wide. Hunsingore weir, pretty steep, probably ok in a kayak. The old weir for the Mill near Kirk Hammerton. Mostly gone, but there is the remains still there and while its easy to shoot, looks dodgy - potential dangerous objects in the water. Risk of strainer below as big willow droops into the weir pool. We shot the weir middle left with no bother, I would advise inspection.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Like a cross between the Derwent and the Wharfe. More high banked than I expected. Mostly pretty, but hemmed by farm land and some smaller villages. Quite narrow so trees are a constant issue to be alert for. Overall a great trip, worth doing.