(Rowing Club to Humber confluence)


WHERE IS IT?: Kingston Upon Hull. Map.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Put in at Hull Rowing club steps. Head north out of town on the Beverley Road and turn right into Desmond Avenue. Follow into Oak Road and park the car up in front of the Park. Don't leave any valuables in view. Walk across the park towards the river and head for the rowing club buildings.

Take out at Victoria Pier at the end of Queen Street.


TIME NEEDED: One hour.

ACCESS HASSLES: Tidal - no problem.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Get on one to one and a half hours before low water at Albert Dock. Tide times.


MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Water quality.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Get in at the rowing club steps. A seal launch is fun but keep your mouth closed.

The trip is basically a tour through the old industrial quarter of Hull. A mixture of industry with associated interesting smells and derelict sites. Some great old Victorian architecture in the form of warehouses and swing bridges is contrasted with 20th century steelwork in the form of dumped shopping trollies (total 14) and old bikes (20 plus). Before joining The Humber and reaching the get out, the old warehouses become converted into posh city apartments and the tidal barrage and "The Deep" bring you right into the 21st century.

OTHER NOTES: Most normal people wouldn't paddle The Hull. Those that do paddle the non tidal sections higher up where the water quality is "better"

CONTRIBUTED BY: Nigel Blandford, Neil Ellerby and Steve Maltby.



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Re: RIVER HULL (Rowing Club to Humber confluence) -- carpyken
2012 Nov 01 03:08:30 PM
Seeing as we store our boats less than 20 yards from the River Hull (and live not much further away) this I'm sad to say is our home water.

I've paddle the majority of this waterway from Driffield down into the Humber both ways, as far upstream as Goole and as far down as Spurn and Kilnsea. Agree totally with all the above, the Humber needs lots of respect. Worth noting, there is a new possible get out just above the twin bridges on Kingswood, a gravel slip has been formed for the use of the EA and is accessible on all but the biggest of ebbs.

River Hull - Tidal Section Rowing Club Step to R.Humber -- once young
2008 Oct 09 05:44:48 PM
Hi there,

I would strongly suggest the tide times stated in the guide are not the best.

A better timing is to launch about 30mins before high tide at Hull. Take a steady paddle down the R.Hull onto the Humber and get out at the Horsewash / the pier.

If you fancy a bit longer paddle (less than 1 mile extra). Use the same start time ( 30 mins before high tide) and then head east towards to end of Victoria Dock: where there is a rocky ( but still fairly muddy) beach.

If you fancy a lot longer paddle set off from the rowing club steps about 2 or 3 hours before high tide at Hull. Go down to the Humber, head west and get out at the Humber Bridge / Hessle Foreshore. This route potentially involves shipping so you need to be very aware of what is around you ( and what is coming down behind you!)


It is always worth checking at as many bridges as you can there is no shipping across the R.Hull before you set off

You need good weather as the Humber can be very 'exposed'

Avoid any big / spring tides

Advice] If you are going onto the Hull/Humber remember to contact the harbour master for the Humber / VTS (01482 212191) to inform them of your trip. Don't forget to tell them when you are off!

Any questions, PM me
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