WHERE IS IT?: Tributary of the Tees.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Hury Reservoir. Map. Egress before Cotherstone (map) or continue down the Tees.


TIME NEEDED: Quite a long time. Tree portages.

ACCESS HASSLES: You are not supposed to paddle down the dam. Very remote. Apparently otters have been spotted.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Needs loads of rain. Tree hazard severe in high water making trip dangerous.


MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Trees. One fall Grade 4 possibly, but visible from road.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Tree infested ditch!

Photos of the River Balder

OTHER NOTES: Paddled for completeness by river baggers! See also Nick Doll's North East River Guide book.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Nick Mawer aka Chaucer based on a trip in 1991 with Andy Gilbert (Lancs Poly CC) and Paul Kuiken (Teesside Poly CC).

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Re: RIVER BALDER -- Jim Pullen
2012 Dec 10 05:01:54 PM
Ran this yesterday (09/12/12) at fairly low levels, but not a scrape (even on concrete...) Annoying sheep fence at the bridge after the spill way to portage. About three trees needed portaging, four more could be ducked at these levels. A couple of these will need C4 rather than chain saws to remove! None of them on blind corners, so even in higher levels should be ok.Best rapid is the final one a few hundred metres above the road, but nothing harder than about grade 3.
Re: RIVER BALDER -- dgg2dwp
2012 Jul 09 10:25:06 AM
A group of us paddled this on the 6th of July 2012 at a pretty good level- no scraping, spill way was well covered and had quite a large flushing hole. At that level the river was pretty much continuous grade 3+ with quite a few trees- we only needed to portage 4 and could sneak under, or over 4 or 5 more. The river does start to ease off after you pass under a footbridge with some open grazing on the river right. The ledge drops (maybe grade 4) are just below a ruined building that is on the river left, and might be worth a quick look.
No subject -- Red
2008 Sep 18 11:56:00 AM
Paddled this on the 7th Sept 2008, approx 8 - 10 serious tree hazards that required portages.
2008 Sep 14 02:37:18 PM
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