Photo from Mark Benson.

Chris Lomas half way down. Durham Uni CC.

Rich RJ on the chute. Durham Uni CC.

Chris B on the chute. Durham Uni CC.

The S-Bend rapid. Photo courtesy of Philip Skinner.

Salmon leap falls/ S bend falls in high water, a montage of two pictures of Bob Evans.

There are a number of play options at Salmon Leap falls/ S bend falls provided you are confident and quick with your roll because just downstream of the first two lie pinning possibilities...

This stopper can be very grippy, Bob Evans gives it a try at low water level.

This narrow feature gives good pop outs, Bob Evans at medium water level.

The last stopper gives good enders with no nasties after, Bob Evans in very low water.

While most people tend to run Salmon leap falls/ S bend falls down the river left route, there are at least three other routes over the top...

The centre route over the top in low water, paddler Bob Evans.

The left route over the top, medium water, paddler Bob Evans.

High water option before Salmon Leap Falls. Paddler on first descent(?), Bob Evans.

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