NAME OF RIVER: Linhope Burn

WHERE IS IT?: Northumberland Estate, a trib of the River Breamish

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Put in above (or below) Linhope Spout, We drove into Linhope crossed over the burn and parked at the end of the road NT 964 162. There are a couple of signs saying local access only, but upon being polite to the residents there was no problem parking here! Alternatively, you could park just before Linhope NT 976 162 and walk along the public footpath to Linhope and then follow the stone track up to the spout. Upon reaching the corner of the plantation, a fingerpost guides you off the stone track and onto a clear grassy track. Follow this up a slope alongside the plantation and through a gate. Follow the path as it zig-zags down the hill to the Linhope Burn and Linhope Spout waterfall NT 956171 . Suggested take out would be on the River Breamish at the last road bridge before Linhope NT 997 166. We got off before the confluence with the Breamish on the estate track.

APPROX LENGTH: Linhope Burn 2k including the Breamish section about 7k

TIME NEEDED: 2 to 3 hours.

ACCESS HASSLES: Access may be sensitive, especially during bird breeding season so this run is suitable for small discrete groups only. The road up has some Private signs; there is only room to leave one car in Linhope.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: It needs to have a fair bit of rainfall to bring the burn up. If the rocks are covered as it flows under the bridge in Linhope you're sorted. Gauges that should give an idea - Wooler Water at Coldgate Mill around a 0.2 - 0.3. River Usway Burn at Shilmoor - if the Usway is running this should run.

GRADING: An Optional G5 start, quite fast, steep, grade 3+ sections and a G4 Gorge

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: The get in at Linhope Spout (G5), an 18m high drop into a small cauldron shaped plunge pool about 5m wide, and Black Lynn (G4), a double drop within a tight mini gorge! Also a possible tree portage which can be inspected from the track river right near the get in!

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: A little bit of everything. Linhope Spout, a steep 18m fall into a small/deep plunge pool. Looking down from the top of it is an intense view! Then a series of small pools, drops and slides, which give the burn a steep nature. Then the first drop of Black Lynn about 2m high, best shot from the right of the boulders and flaring into the main flow whilst it auto boofs ;you into the pool ready for the next drop. Immediately 8m afterwards, a straightforward drop about 5m high, then the gorge opens into a wider space with a very natural untouched atmosphere! From here to the Breamish the river descends through the forest in alpine fashion with some continuous grade 3 bouldery rapids and steps under the road bridge and into the Breamish!

OTHER NOTES: Nic Doll's "A Canoeist's Guide to the North East" covers the Breamish section from Linhope down! Nothing about the Breamish currently on UKRGB - anyone out there fancy contributing?

VIDEO: Linhope Spout and Burn on Vimeo


Bob looks over the lip:

Bob looking over Linhope's lip

Bob goes over the lip!

Bob in the Spout!

Bob's bouncy landing!

Stu takes on the fall:

Tucking up...

...and disappearing!

James enters Black Lynn

James running the second fall of Black Lynn

Bob on Black Lynn

Stu on Black Lynn