NAME OF RIVER: North Tyne.

WHERE IS IT?: It's in Northumberland, NE England. It flows from Kielder Water reservoir down to meet the River South Tyne, becoming the Tyne and heading off in the direction of Newcastle.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS:  The section described begins at the village. You can throw your boats out consideratley just past the village hall (NY 72198 87531), then park on the bridge near the Pub, the Black Cock inn, pub owner says don't use his car park please, but downstream of his pub is fine (NY 72345 87416). You can get in the river easily from there. Takes out several possible - the two best options are Bellingham (NY 83418 83264) or Wark (NY 86306 77056). At Wark River Left just upstream of the bridge several options onto a quiet road. There is good parking just metres away (NY 86349 76998).


TIME NEEDED: 4-6 hours.

ACCESS HASSLES: The right to access waterways is written in the Magna Carta the source of all modern law. Be respectful to others, but crack on and enjoy the waters safely.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: The reservoir can be releasing when there has been little or no rain. In this upper section of river it remains shallow for most of its length, even in medium flows. 

In addition daily water levels for the Tyne area can be found on the Fish Tyne website here. Also note the proposed Kielder releases. As a guide the North Tyne needs 1'8" at Reaverhill, a 9 cumec release or more should give paddleable levels try also:

The EA online gauge is at Reaverhill. Calibrations are roughly - Low: 1.20m, Medium: 1.80m, High: 2.50m.

GRADING: Grade 2 (3)

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: An island near Falstone had a few trees to watch out for. But nothing that could not be passed in medium flows. Just after Bellingham some surprise rocks, but not difficult. 

GENERAL DESCRIPTION:  Beautiful touring run, exploring the upper North Tyne, be great so Stand up paddleboards and those wanting to practice white water esp because its mostly shallow. Great open boat action or touring boats. Plenty to enjoy a pleasure of a trip. Constant riffles, playful water. 

OTHER NOTES: Have a great day out.