(Monmouth to Redbrook)


WHERE IS IT?: Gloucestershire/ Monmouthshire, It pretty much runs down the England/ Wales border.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Put-in is in the town of Monmouth, perhaps the best option is the steps just downstream of the Rowing Club on river right. The route into this by car is a bit tricky as Monmouth has a one way system which you need to get around first, I don't know it well enough to describe.

Take out is at Redbrook, which is south of Monmouth on the A466. There is a gravel car park next to the road. The get out is on the right close to the footbridge which crosses the river, it is necessary to carry boats over the footbridge to reach the car park.


TIME NEEDED: 1 to 1.5 hours.

ACCESS HASSLES: One of the few rivers in our country with a long and undisputed Right of Navigation, from Hay on Wye at least. This has not stopped efforts to alter the management and character of the river in recent years.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Paddleable at all levels including mid summer when it's probably at it's best.

GRADING: Grade 1. Mostly flat.


GENERAL DESCRIPTION: After the get in you pass under the A466 road bridge, a little way beneath the bridge the river Monnow enters from the right. The river here is relatively wide and shallow, and often covered in weeds making progress difficult.

Most of the trip is completely flat interspersed with faster moving weedy sections or short grade 1 rapids. The valley is much more open at the start than the two sections above this with grassy fields bordering the river.

The second half of the river is followed by the A466 to left. Not quite so picturesque as some of the other parts of the Wye but still well worth doing. Makes a nice gentle open Canadian paddle. There is also a very nice pub at the get out.

OTHER NOTES: I haven't done this trip for a few years but I remember combining it with a trip to Brockweir one day, which was absolutely miles. The details of the get out and such like are a bit hazy so I've not written a guide for that part of the river. Brockweir is the point at which the river becomes tidal, and the weir can vary in size depending on tide conditions. I only remember it as being a simple rocky little fall. About a mile further down is Tintern, this would probably make a nice place to egress but only at high tide, unless you like wading knee deep in mud!

Jim Thornton (April 2004)...'I've been canoeing it below Glasbury for 30 years and a couple of years ago did a river itinerary on an environmentalist website I run.'

CONTRIBUTED BY: Martin Harrall, also Jim Thornton.



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Re: RIVER WYE (Monmouth to Redbrook) -- JAV
2020 Feb 15 12:06:37 PM
If doing the trip to Brockweir, be aware of parking. Although the get out is just before the bridge on river left as previously described, I would urge paddlers not to park on the road there. Quayside is a short, narrow dead end road providing access to river front houses and has room at the end for a couple of cars to park. I parked here for a few days whilst doing a three day exped. Unfortunately, high rain fall (and therefore river levels), high winds and high tide combined resulted in my car being written off as it was flooded. Local residents (who were extremely sympathetic and helpful) informed me that this is not the first time this has happened to paddlers. So I would advise to leave your car on higher ground, further up in the village.

This was the only place I could see to post this info, but if anyone can suggest anywhere else it would be beneficial to post this then please let me know.
Re: RIVER WYE (Monmouth to Redbrook) -- Wye Canoes
2013 Jan 22 04:28:03 PM
The trip down to Brockweir is fantastic in an open boat, the old quay has been rebuilt and the get out is just before Brockweir bridge on the left hand side. I would only recommend experienced paddlers below this point and there is not really another landing point until Chepstow. As far as the tides go, high tide at Brockweir is approx 4 hours before high tide at Dover, and if travelling to Chepstow try to leave Brockweir no later than 1 hour after high tide. If anyone wanted to do this trip for the first time I would recommend taking a guide, which we can supply. http]
Re: RIVER WYE (Monmouth to Redbrook) -- Mark Thompson
2011 Oct 15 04:50:52 PM
There is a car park just by the bridge on your right as you drive from Monmouth to Chepstow where the get out is with free parking. This section is really nice and quite as the open boat highway ends at monmouth. We have always found the fisherman here friendly, including the fly fisherman as long as you are coutious and wait for them to signal you past. There is also severial rock groynes that stick out from the river bank providing chance for ferry gliding and eddie hopping practice. If you pass the redbrook get out the next section can be effected by high tides backing the rievr up and you start to find debri and sea weed in the river when this happens. But if timed correctly you can catch the outgoing tide just after it tuensand then go all the way down to Chepstow marina (behind the tescos) without having to worry about the small weirs that appear in low tide. As this is a busy route for coanoists we have before thumbed lifted easily here but iw ould always recommend you set your own shuttle before hand.
Re: RIVER WYE (Monmouth to Redbrook) -- ansogura
2011 Oct 14 04:12:00 PM
I paddled this stretch on Wednesday 12th. Oct. 2011. I agree it is a lovely placid stretch suitable for open boats. It is also possible to get out river left just past the bridge by the obvious seal launch site. It's a bit steep but saves the carry over the bridge to the car park. I used Kenny's taxis (Monmouth taxis number didn't work) for the shuttle to Monmouth. He is a paddler himself so knows the score. He was very helpful and well worth the £15 he charged. His number is 07828882432. I encountered several fly fisheremen but they were all friendly and so no problems.
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