(Shrewsbury to Ironbridge)


WHERE IS IT?: Shropshire. This is just a short stretch of the longest river in Britain.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Shrewsbury has its own boat yard and launching ramp in the centre of town just across the Welshpool bridge, the council car park very gives good access.

The take out point is either next to the Ironbridge museum where there is a carpark for general useage, or you can carry on down stream pass the Jackfields Rapids and take out at Jackfields Rapids itself. Jackfields is free parking whereas the car park at Ironbridge is pay and display.

APPROX LENGTH: About 13 to 15 miles.

TIME NEEDED: I was paddling mostly myself (as my lad is only young!) it took about six hours, but you could do it in four.

ACCESS HASSLES: Right of navigation; full access to the river.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Can be paddled at all levels. Water levels vary due to the weather, when we paddled the river was at its lowest at some points down to approx 6 inches deep. When the river is in flood it runs very fast and has very strong under current. So its worth checking whether the river is in flood or not. The river is topped up from the welsh hills.

GRADING: When low, grade 1 going to a 2 or even 3 in places when in flood. Jackfields Rapids a grade 2 when in low flood.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS:Jackfields Rapids is a harder rapid. There's only one hazard you have to get over and that is a weir which stretchs right across the river just before you leave Shrewsbury, there is easy access to leave and enter the river.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: On the start at Shrewsbury you paddle the outskirts of the town then straight into countryside. As said, the river shallows out in a few places. There is only one public house on route and that is about one and half hours outside of Shrewsbury on your left hand side. There are some wonderfully built bridges to pass under not, forgetting the Ironbridge itself. See the Jackfields Rapids guide for more information on this possible finish.

OTHER NOTES: The river when low is a very good start river for beginners, and changes into a very fast river for the more adventurous out there. Well worth a day out, as Shrewsbury and Ironbridge have a lot to offer other than paddling. Shrewsbury: good shopping centre and night life for the day and night before starting. Ironbridge: very historic.

Also consider the section above Shrewsbury.

Jim Thornton (April 2004)...'I have put together an itinerary for the Severn.'

Also, take a look at this.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Ken Richards - not a club member as yet, just starting in the sport with the kids. Email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also, Jim Thornton.



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Re: River Severn - Shrewsbury to Ironbridge -- honda1999
2019 May 10 03:53:10 PM
Just to make the Community Forum aware of the current issue, look at and would be grateful for members to respond to the user evidence available on the British Canoeing West Midlands Region Facebook. Thanks
Re: River Severn - Shrewsbury to Ironbridge -- honda1999
2019 Apr 24 04:30:41 PM
I have informed a Telford member and waiting for his response.
Re: River Severn - Shrewsbury to Ironbridge -- honda1999
2019 Apr 24 04:29:29 PM
Hi Rae, Dave's in the loop on this, I have a contact with Charlie Miller BC Rep. who has had a similar 20 year experience of access. I have also sent a message to Carlos, Al B., Tom Docherty, Alan Darby about the importance of completing the questionnaire sent by British Canoeing, I would appreciate if you responded to this. my email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and I can forward this document. All the best John
Re: River Severn - Shrewsbury to Ironbridge -- Rae1
2019 Apr 24 04:17:22 PM
We didnt go, we got a better offer of a river trip around Llangollen!

Dave Bateman knows about this. Maybe contact him for more info?

What do Telford Club say?

They launch their slalom boats from there when they run a race.
Re: River Severn - Shrewsbury to Ironbridge -- honda1999
2019 Apr 24 01:40:45 PM
Hi Rae, what did they say at the Coaching Day? At present Rich and I (John) are meeting with Chantelle Grundy Chantelle Grundy British Canoeing Access & Environment Officer and Andrew Rudge responsible for gathering information (Questionnaire and map indicating access/egress) at 12 midday 1st May 2019 at Ironbridge to review progress on this matter. What is important is that paddlers complete the questionnaire, particularly usage over 20 years. It would be useful if you completed this, if you email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I would appreciate your response to resolving this issue, thanks John
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