(Mayfield to JCB Academy)


WHERE IS IT?: Staffordshire, Rocester near Alton Towers.


PUT-IN'S/TAKE-OUT'S: Put-in Mayfield (SK157455) follow PROW directly opposite a pretty house in the cliff. Walk a short distance below the weir and enter into an old mill tailrace channel that quickly rejoins the main river. Take-out: Norbury road bridge (SK119423) for 6km trip. Best egress is river right just below road bridge, natural beach, and eddy it looks like it is regularly used by dog walkers - join PROW to road. If challenged continue downstream for 200m and egress directly onto to PROW river right and walk back to the road - there is no law against taking your kayak for a walk. For 10km continue to JCB Academy road bridge (SK116391) egress river left just below road bridge onto PROW. There is a suitable car park if you cross the bridge right-hand side of the road, towards the academy. 

APPROX LENGTH:  6km or 10km

TIME NEEDED: 2-3 hours

ACCESS HASSLES: British Canoing's stated policy of 365-day agreements unless proven environmental reasons prevent paddling.

I am sure some will object. 


GRADING: Grades 1 and 2 - with weirs

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: x4 Weirs and x2 sets of old bridge supports from former railway upstream of Norbury about 500m apart. JCB Academy weir has a concrete lump river wide at its toe. At some levels, this creates a super play wave at others it could be a bump. If your boat is very flat with no rocker, portage possible either side of the river. River right is hydro intake channel and large sluice. Beware this sluice can fall at any time. Avoid, but there is a fish pass also that returns the river just before, but it's a tight turn for a longboat. 

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Meandering and easy with the occasional weir. Small rapids from time to time.

All weirs should and can be inspected. 

Beautiful start in Mayfield. The first, weir is only a short distance from the put-in at a sharp left-hand bend. This weir is long and shallow angled, but it has a small vertical toe, so at low levels expect a little drop. 

A couple of easy rapids as you meander around the old factory river right. 

The second weir near Sides Lane, will normally shoot river right, but look for tree hazards which are numerous along and below the weir. 

Norbury weir has a fish pass now with a bend in it, with an inspection to checks it is clear and some skill it is possible to shoot this in the kayak.  There is a fish friendly hydro river right at Norbury weir also. Be aware of getting drawn against the intake screen when running. If in doubt it is possible to egress onto the island between weir fish pass and hydro and portage straight down this island.

Some nice easy rapids below Norbury weir with the National Trust House Norbury Hall river left. 
Egress possible at Norbury Bridge or continue downstream. Beautiful touring until JCB Academy weir, marked by an old steel bridge, that could be a former railway bridge. Shortly after this is a shallow angled weir and river right a hydro intake channel with a large sluice and a fish pass channel to bypass the weir. 


OTHER NOTES: Next section is Norbury to Marchington Lane end.