(Marchington Lane End to Tutbury Bridge)


WHERE IS IT?: Staffordshire, Marchington near Uttoxeter.

PUT-IN'S/TAKE-OUT'S: Access: Marchington Lane End (SK1516231441) from Marchington take "Green Lane" out of the village towards the railway line. Cross the railway and keep going. This is a green lane, so no issues taking car - when I last went down the farmer has gated the track at (SK1510431228) and we just parked here on the verge and walked the final 100m to the river. I don't currently believe that is a legal blockage - and the landowner may be in breach of the highway status. That said it's not far from here to the river anyway. Avoid having too many cars here. 

Egress: Tutbury Bridge (SK2142629508) River right, enter into Tutbury Mill Picnic area and playground. There is usually ample parking here. Great place to start or finish a paddle from or as a lunch stop if doing a longer trip.

APPROX LENGTH:  Approx 12km

TIME NEEDED: 3/4 hours

ACCESS HASSLES: British Canoing's stated policy of 365-day agreements unless proven environmental reasons prevent paddling. 

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Should paddle in low flows, just Tutbury weir to portage or shoot the large fish pass.  

GRADING: Grades 1/2 with x1 weirs

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Tutbury Mill Weir. Should be possible to shoot the large fish pass river left, but inspect first for obstructions/trees.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Meandering and easy with small rapids from time to time, great paddle when there has not been much rain and there is lots of sun. 

The river continues to gently meander towards Burton on Trent, plenty of wildlife and regular easy riffles often, make this a scenic paddle.  
Near the end is Tutbury Mill weir inspect first, egress river right on to PROW just before the weir. Portage river right if not shooting. Nice gravel beach below the weir for picnics swimming or just for boat launching. 

OTHER NOTES: Next section is Tutbury Bridge to Newton Solney.