(Bamford to Calver)


WHERE IS IT?: Peak District


Put In - Bamford Sports Ground SK205829.  The village website proudly claims “access to the only moving water with canoe rights in the Peak Park”.  There are BCU funded steps down to the river.  You can NOT now obtain the gate code from the parish council; it's held by the Bamford with Thornhill Recreation Ground Trust. Email them well before your planned trip on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - they will normally reply within several days with the access code, a contact phone number and some information regarding access and current hazards.  From the car park, pass the small building into the field and follow the fence on the left for 100m or so until you reach the gate.

Take out - Calver Bridge. SK246744.  It is possible to take out river right immediately after the first bridge.  A faint path through the shrubs leads to a footpath to the road.  Parking is usually ample on days when the river is up.

Access / egress is physically possible at each road bridge along the way, though some involve a short crossing of private land and appropriate arrangements should be made with the landowner.


TIME NEEDED: 3 - 4 hours give or take for play time.


Apart from the first 100m, the situation is pretty dire.  The local landowners and fishing club are adamant that canoeing is not allowed on the ‘private land’ that the river passes through.  Expect the tweed brigade to have something to say to you if they see you.  That said, most people you meet along the way are pleasantly surprised to see the river being used, especially if you entertain them on Calver Weir.  


EA Gauge at Chatsworth:

Scrape - 1.25

Low - 1.5

Medium 1.7

High 1.9 (unconfirmed)

The gauge is some way downstream so it’s worth driving up to Calver Mill rapids to have a look there for a general feel for what the levels will be like.  (NB as of writing the EA seem to have brought online a gauge which is actually on this stretch - - but as I haven’t paddled yet this season I don’t yet have calibrations)

The first few hundred metres are controlled by the outflow of Ladybower Reservoir, so can be very bony, but things normally pick up from the River Noe confluence.



 Calver Weir is worth an inspection from above as it does tend to gather trees, and some lines lead you into trees lurking below.

 Calver Mill rapid is worth a look especially in higher water.


Bloody lovely.  Finer scenery you could not wish for.  Starting high up in the Peak District, passing through the countryside near Hathersage, below Millstone, Froggatt and Curbar Edges, a great stretch of playwaves, a fun weir, a grade 3 finale, and ending at a pub, this really is a great way to spend a winter day in the Peak District.

The first section is a gentle warm up, never rising above grade 2, with some small waves to play on.  Some stepping stones which are a pain in the arse at lower levels, but form nice waves at the level rises

A large house coming into sight on the left indicates that the rocky weir is imminent.  Usually not an issue though it can trap trees creating strainers.  Beyond this, under a bridge, is a stepped weir.

From here there are several river wide rock ledges / chutes, that could have almost been designed as play features.  Each one has some form of wave / stopper / chute to play on, which vary greatly depending on levels - from narrow chutes and ledges to river wide waves.

By the time the river reaches the road bridge in Grindleford it is largely spent, becoming progressively flatter until the road bridge at Froggatt. This bridge (notable for its large arch, apparently designed to accommodate boats in years gone by…) marks the start of a deep, flat section, flanked with NO CANOEING signs nailed to the trees.

Beyond the second bridge, things start to become fun again.  Calver Weir, a long slope upon which is possible to pick up enough speed to bounce of the water at the bottom.  Can form strong towback in high water.  A confused section of water follows below the weir, with many routes though depending on where you dropped the weir.  Several grade 1/2 rapids follow.

The finishing flourish is Calver Mill Rapid.  Grade 3.  A technical rock dodge at lower levels, or a combination of waves and stoppers at higher levels.  Possible to portage, inspect, or go back for another go river left.  And if it’s your first Gd 3 and you happen to swim, it’s only 100 yard walk to the takeout.


It is possible to start higher up, from Yorkshire Bridge, though this short section probably warrants a separate guide.  The levels here are controlled by the water released from Ladybower and its overspills, so the level can be much lower than the rest of the river.  There is a river wide ledge drop at the start, several surf waves, and a weir on this section.

It is also possible to continue further, taking out above or below the weir in Bubnell.  The Chatsworth Park rangers don’t really like this.

Guide contributed by andypagett