(Stratford on Avon Weir)


WHERE IS IT?: Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire. Shakespeare's hometown (SP 2014 5412)


The Memorial park, on the opposite side of the river to the town. You can get on anywhere along the park but you will have to get out and portage to the bottom of the weir as there is a metal wire stopping you from shooting the weir. Portage is to the left.

Roger Collier (May 2005)...'Use the free car park on the A439 Warwick Road (SP 2094 5572). It's a 20 minute paddle down to the weir.'

APPROX LENGTH: It's a weir!

TIME NEEDED: As long as you can play for.

ACCESS HASSLES: I know of no problems and have never been pulled paddling there.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: I know there is a measuring stick above the weir but it is hard to view. The stopper gets bigger as the water rises, I have never paddled it in flood.

Mark Rainsley (Jan 2004)...'In flood the weir makes a big dodgy stopper (unsurprisingly) but in very big flood, washes out into a tempting looking wave.'

GRADING: It's a weir.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: At the moment (December 2003) there is a bit of a clog up at the top of the weir to the right side (facing upstream) with small branches etc...

Lee Pearce (October 2005)...'The weir river left still has a tree lodged in the bottom howeve the weir river left is fine. quite fluffy at the moment ideal for introducing edge control.'

Roger Collier (May 2005)...'The wire with floats above the weir is no problem. Just lift up the leftmost section and pass under it. Shoot the left side of the right weir.'

Jeff Jaye, August 2004...'This is a good play spot for beginners at normal levels but when the river is in flood a sluice opens a few metres to the right of the weir. This causes a powerful righthand current at the top of the weir (into the sluice!!!) and increases the towback in the stopper. In these conditions it is best to inspect and make inexperienced paddlers portage.'

Kyle (June 2004)...'I paddled it yesterday and the weir on your right (looking upstream) has a tree stuck on it and the trees branches below in the pool. Also there are lots of nasty looking rocks showing in the bottom pool.'

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: There are two weirs and a lock. Looking upstream on the right is the lock, then a weir (which is very small steps and not very good for playing) and an island then another weir, which is the play weir. These go across the river at an angle. The weir produces a good stopper in medium flow and a small wave at low, both of which hold you. In medium flow you can spin, blast etc... but not vertical ends. At low you can do pretty much the same, just it doesn't hold you as well.

Pictures of the weir

OTHER NOTES: About half a mile downstream is another weir and lock. Weir is on the right (facing downstream). The weir is very rocky, plastic boats needed.

Phil Carrivick (Jan 2004)...'Another source is Stratford's own guide. @'

Also consider Rock Mill Weir.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Kyle Bowles, also Roger Collier, Phil Carrivick, Lee Pearce and Jeff Jaye.